Physical and nonphysical possibilities

QUESTION: Masters if a lady whilst incarnate longed to experience having a child of her own, but was unable to fulfil this dream in her lifetime on earth, would it still be possible for her to realize this dream once back home in Spirit? ~David, England

ANSWER: The soul is very powerful and controls its environment via intention. If a woman desperately wants to have a child during a human incarnation, there are many ways this can be accomplished besides normal self-gestation. It is the mind alone that creates a distinction between the child’s being “her own” or just a possession she picked up along the way.

If she gets a child in other than the “normal” male/female route, she can visualize, either through meditation or hypnosis, going through the entire process. She can experience her body swelling, soreness, bladder control problems, lack of sleep, and getting kicked from the inside – and even childbirth with the accompanying pain.

A difficulty in getting pregnant during a lifetime can have something to do with the life lessons the person has chosen. These decisions are made prior to coming to Earth. Once the soul returns to the realm of unconditional love, they do not have a defined sex and rarely choose to maintain a physical-appearing body because there are too many problems with keeping it functioning like a body on Earth. It is also very restrictive since it limits the soul from splitting itself to be in more than one place at a time. The essence of the soul is amorphous energy without form. In other words, no, it would not be possible to realize a physical action in the nonphysical plane.

The lady would be able to plan out a subsequent life involving one or more “normal” pregnancies, deliveries, and raising of children. An alternative would be for her soul to “walk in” to a body that another soul is leaving while it is in a position of childbirth. Another possibility would be to spend a short time assuming the role of a woman having a child. The opportunities are all only available while incarnate in a human body.