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Pet relationships

Tuesday, December 12th, 2017

QUESTION: Masters I recently lost a pet cat that I had the most amazing bond with. He adopted me when he was 4, and was such a loving companion. I am completely heartbroken. Do pets have relationships like this or am I imagining the connection? Where does a pet’s spirit go when they pass? I felt like he chose to be with me and he chose to go when he did. He waited until he could say goodbye to my family over Thanksgiving. Was normal and then crashed over the weekend. Is this possible? ~Karen, USA

ANSWER: Most animals do not have souls but are animated by a spark of energy and unconditional love. This particular cat did have a soul. It is a member of your soul group and you two had agreed to play a part in each other’s lives during this incarnation. At the time the agreement was struck, your friend had not decided what type of life to have – never imagining choosing to try a life as a cat.

The cat filled a void in your life that was deepening at the time he adopted you. He forced you to look at life in a different, more positive way than you were going. He was someone with whom you could share things that you did not feel comfortable sharing with other humans. He become a confidant, best friend, and the only one who always seemed to know what you needed.

This was a very deep relationship because of the soul group connection and the agreement you two had made. Animals that do not have souls can also create very deep relationships when they are empathic to the emotions of their owners. Most other domesticated animals are merely companions and do not develop close associations with their owners. With non-soul-bearing animals, it has a lot to do with how the human sees the pet – is it a mere possession or a companion?

Animals frequently have an instinct about approaching death and can manage to stay around until they feel the time is right to depart. Your cat did want to say goodbye to the family and did not want to interfere with the festivities of the holiday. He decided to just “slip away” unobtrusively while everyone was remembering the good times they had over Thanksgiving with the various members of the family.

Spiritual crisis

Tuesday, December 12th, 2017

QUESTION: Masters. I’m going through a so called spiritual crisis for the first time in my spiritual path. This feeling is paradoxical. I have lost my interest in all spiritual stuff which has been important for me; channelings, tarot, astrology, gemstones, twin flames etc. I’m questioning everything. Except at the same time I’m noticing that the only person whom I can trust is me. The more I’m giving up hope about everything the more I’m finding truth within myself. What is going on? Is this something every spiritual people has to face during their spiritual journey? ~Galathea, Finland

ANSWER: Being spiritual does not mean that you have to be involved in what some circles believe is an indication of spirituality, such as the things you have mentioned. Since every soul’s purpose in coming to Earth is to recognize the nature of their true essence, spirituality needs nothing outside of an inner dialogue with oneself – which is exactly what you find yourself doing.

A person’s reality is formed by the beliefs they trust. Yours at this time have turned to the realization that the only truly important aspect of a human life is to feel your soul’s energy and to use that to interpret the rest of the things around you. You are following what resonates with you because that is you.

The sense that you are giving up “hope” in things is the act of stepping away from the expectations you had accepted from the ideas of others that these things were necessary to find enlightenment. No two souls find their way in exactly the same fashion, so the expectations of others do not bring you wisdom.

Some people never reach the point you are at right now, because they will not allow themselves to depart from the step-by-step formula most groups demand as a necessity for spiritual growth. There are many ways to progress along the path, but the majority of souls need some type of spiritual crisis to stop being lemmings in the pack and be able to strip themselves of the belief systems that have always controlled their life.

The ultimate stripping of old beliefs can result in what is called the dark night of the soul. That is a point where the person’s entire life is affected and they drop into a deep depression. At this point, the soul’s whole life has to be wiped clean and decisions concerning all aspects of living have to be re-determined. You have a clearer idea and feeling for this life, so it is not necessary for you to start over completely.

Deciding what works and what doesn’t

Tuesday, December 12th, 2017

QUESTION: Masters, after a deep depression I entered candomblé, in this trajectory I found the teachings of the Great White Brotherhood, I knew the Reiki arriving at the masters. Everything was very fast and I felt synchronicity in the way, I have gradually moved away from any religion. I left my old profession to dedicate myself to Reiki and flower therapy, it’s been almost a year and I’m not doing well with my space, I do not have clients, did I misinterpret my heart? Did I go wrong at some point? ~Luciane, Brasil

ANSWER: (Candomblé, or “dance in honor of the gods,” is an African-derived religious practice in which music and dance are integral parts.) While you state you have moved away from any religion, Candomblé is a religion. When you became involved in it, you were directed during the practices to change your life into where you find yourself right now.

When you come out of a depression, where you have no impression of who you are or what you should be doing, you are susceptible to believing things you would normally take time to consider before adopting. Those who were around you as you started making a new belief system to regulate your existence were totally engrossed in energy and plant healing – so that seemed the way to go.

In any new profession, the practitioner takes a while to become known and therefore to gather clients. Flower therapy is not accepted by the general population – nor, for that matter, is Reiki. This limits the number of potential clients as well. If you were to look to fellow members of your belief system, you would have a ready-made base of clients. However, there are a number of practitioners of Reiki and flower essences who have been working in the field for some time and are therefore your competition.

It is common for humans to wish to engage in fields for which they do not have the qualifications to make them immediately successful. You could still make a career of these interests, but you must have patience and research all the possibilities to advertise yourself and gather people. You could not become a doctor or a lawyer without schooling and internships. Try finding a current practitioner who will let you work with them for experience.