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Adventures of the soul

Tuesday, September 5th, 2017

QUESTION: Masters, sorry if this question has already been answered. Has a soul only incarnated into human bodies or have they incarnated elsewhere before Earth was here when first broken from source. Were they also with dinosaurs for knowledge? ~Ray, England

ANSWER: The term incarnation refers to the process of a soul’s embedding itself into the flesh of a homo sapiens or human. Souls have chosen to have additional experiences to the ones available to them on Earth where their form is other than humanoid. Before the whole “duality” learning experience was established, as it exists at this time, souls wandered around having other knowledge-gathering journeys. And they continue today to explore other places and other abilities.

One of the things that souls have chosen to undertake is inhabiting the body of what we call animals. These animals may be the ones we are familiar with if they are on Earth, or they may be something foreign to us if the occupying takes place elsewhere.

There are many species of animals that did not first occupy planet Earth but came to it during the evolution of the planet. For instance, whales and dolphins first resided in places where they were both known for their historical gathering. They were the encyclopedias and intellectuals, so to speak, for the universe. They came to Earth to continue that work and record the great duality experiment.

Dinosaurs and other now-extinct reptiles, amphibians, and birds sometimes harbored a soul if the soul desired such an experience, but were mostly animated by sparks of life to see how living on the planet took place and to study evolutionary processes.

The majority of souls have chosen only human lives and have never gone to other planetary locations or been inside an animal on Earth. They take seriously the job of working in the duality to assist Source in finding out about its essence and what it is not – although there is no requirement for any soul to do any particular thing with their “lives.”

Body sleeps, but soul?

Tuesday, September 5th, 2017

QUESTION: Masters, I would like to ask about my dream life which has always been very lively and varied. There is lots of music in my dreams, and many times I hear songs which aren’t even “made”. Where do they come from? Also, I travel a lot in my dreams, but I don’t think those places are really existing here on earth. Where am I really in those moments? ~Tiia, Finland

ANSWER: While your physical body requires periods of regeneration accomplished through sleeping, your soul does not. While you are resting, your soul is off wandering around. You have a tendency to frequent locations that are familiar to you from prior lives.

In many lives, you were a musician of one kind or another. You played instruments, sang, acted, and most of all composed. The songs you are hearing are original compositions written by you in other times. If you listen carefully enough, and commit the music to your current memory, you can reproduce those songs in this lifetime.

Your travels are to those places where you have spent time before. In some you spent an entire lifetime there, and others you saw from Home and decided to visit to see if you might want to spend additional time there in the future.

Any time you are dreaming or astral travelling, your soul energy is in both places. You are maintaining the viability of your human body asleep in your bed, and you are in the locations that interest you. Your awareness comes from focusing your attention and intent to be present somewhere that allows you to see, and later recall, places you visit.

Most of the places you visit are on planet Earth but in different chronological times from the present. Occasionally you have spent time on other planets and in other dimensions, such as the times when you return Home in order to remember something from your past that you need to help you complete a lesson you have been going through.

Dealing with negativity

Tuesday, September 5th, 2017

QUESTION: Masters I do not want to be around toxic people yet my sister-in-law is toxic and narcissistic. She is the center of family functions. If I don’t go my husband and children get upset and are asked all kinds of questions about why I’m not there. Am I supposed to go and learn to tolerate her toxic nature? Is this part of my journey? ~Anne, United States

ANSWER: How a person responds to an environment is completely within their control. Your sister-in-law is part of a lesson you chose requiring patience, honoring yourself and holding your own in the midst of negativity, and exercising freedom of choice.

You have to ask yourself what causes your violent reaction to her. You are not subjected to physical harm from her, so what is it that triggers your response? The actions of a person can harm you emotionally, such as she is doing, only if you allow her to have that effect on you.

There is a part of you that envies the attention focused on her and the fact that the rest of the family caters to her. Why is she any better than you? Well, she isn’t, unless you assign that label to her. Toxicity must be permitted to permeate your exterior for it to cause damage.

Accept that she is no better than anyone else. Accept that the opinions of other people all play into the life lessons they are working on, and honor their choices even when they are in opposition to your own. In the presence of negative energy, don’t react to it because that will only call more to the moment. Instead, fill your life with unconditional love for yourself first, and then for all the others so that they might understand the frivolous antics of your sister-in-law or the ones generating negativity.

Don’t judge what others are doing – that only plays into the ego workings of a non-spiritual person. Reject the negativity and bring in the positive love. Become an observer, just watching how everyone is making their decisions. This will help you not only to learn your own lessons but also to see if there is some other lesson out there you would like to study.