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The end of Planet Earth?

Tuesday, September 12th, 2017

Thank you to Masters, Toni and Peter for presenting us with wisdom and knowledge. QUESTION: Masters will the earth plane eventually be removed or cease to exist? Since the objective of its existence is for source to learn what it is NOT, will source eventually discover the answer and no longer need the negativity of earth? And if that time arrives, what will happen to all the negative energy the earth plane contains? If source is pure positive love, where will the negative energy go? Additionally, if everything is from source and source is all positive love, where did the negative energy of earth come from in the first place? ~Christina, USA

ANSWER: Each of the billions of souls who exist has the ability to explore all aspects of being human and every potential life lesson. Since each person is different, having had unique experiences along the way, no two are the same, and each expression presented to Source is slightly different. There is almost an infinite number of things for Source to learn from its soul pieces.

Earth was created to be the only place without unconditional love, and this was accomplished by creating its opposite energy – that of all things negative. The negativity does not exist above the plane of the Earth, so that if it ever ceases to exist, it will fold all the negativity into itself as it dissolves.

Source is all-powerful, all-knowing, and all-creative. It had only to imagine something such as negativity and it came into physical existence on the physical planet, which was also created just for its presence. Negativity does not and cannot exist anywhere or in anything that is completely nonphysical. Coming into contact with unconditional love makes negativity explode and disappear.

Dealing with life lessons

Tuesday, September 12th, 2017

QUESTION: Masters my mother used to be very critical of me when I was growing up but I have gotten over it and let go of her negativity. However, I recently started helping her learn English and I’ve noticed that she is also extremely critical of herself. Though her language skills are quite good, she keeps saying that she is a loser and too stupid to learn anything even if she tries. I give her examples of her successes and try telling her that negativity will not help her but she continues to be very harsh on herself. Should I let her continue or try and change her outlook? I know that the choice is ultimately hers and I know that I would like to help her but maybe I’m overlooking some bigger lesson that she is learning and should not disturb her with my projections of her needs? ~Greta, Lithuania

ANSWER: You and your mother are dealing – and in your case have dealt with – almost identical life lessons. The difference here is that you worked on your doubts and fears and integrated the knowledge into your life. Your mother still allows hers to haunt her and make her miserable. She will not be able to change unless she allows herself to modify her beliefs. She raised you in this fashion since she believed it was the way things were with both you and her.

One’s life is controlled by what rules and regulations they “believe” apply to their life and behavior. From a very early age, you and your mother were both told that you were dumb, lazy, and worthless, and would never amount to anything. You accepted this at first, but then you evaluated it from the way you had lived your life and knew that what you had been told was not the truth. You then deleted the defeatist beliefs and replaced them with the positive, successful abilities that you use today.

Your mother has difficulty accepting what you are saying because in her mind you are that damaged, worthless person she sees herself as being. What you are doing with showing her examples that defy her beliefs is one of the only ways for her to accept her erroneous feelings about herself.

Her only other hope of changing is to go on a spiritual quest to explore her beliefs about herself and her life. Right now, her life is surrounded with fear that she will do something wrong, which she anticipates and even expects to occur. To her there is no such thing as freedom of choice but rather everything is pre-determined and she knows her “lot in life,” having been told it often enough by others.

A spiritual venture would allow her, if she can accept it, to believe that she is as good as everyone else and that she determines her own rules and regulations for life. A hypnosis session, where she is introduced to her guides and some of the spiritual teachers, will soften the blow of how long she has kept herself locked into someone else’s beliefs. There is hope for her to accept, but the choice is still hers.

No one has any “duty” during their lifetime

Tuesday, September 12th, 2017

QUESTION: Masters, I am 60 years old and have worked for a long time with a group responsible for healing ceremonies of the Planet with the masters of the White Brotherhood. I am also dedicating myself to holistic training courses and in the health area (acupuncture, floral, etc.) I intend to work with these energies. Am I on the right path to fulfill my duty to serve in this life? Why even working with the spiritual in me and on the planet have not yet been able to free myself from the feelings of fears and insecurities, uncertainties and losses? I have already done many healing treatments but no results. Do you have any explanation in my past lives for these fears today? ~Helena, Brazil

ANSWER: No souls who commit to human life on planet Earth have any obligations to anyone other than themselves. Service is an idea put together by society, organizations, and organized religions so that things they feel they should take care of for their members will partially be done by participants.

Your purpose, your path, is to discover who you are as a soul and what abilities you have to fulfill your life lessons and enjoy this incarnation – nothing else. That does not mean that you cannot incorporate service to others along the way. This is made more difficult, however, if you have not finished the lessons chosen before coming.

Those fears, doubts, and insecurities you continue to experience are an indication that you have not completed the life lessons desired. Take the time to examine each fear as it surfaces and ask: Why is it there? What does it originate from? Why do I feel the way I do about it? If you ask the question, the answer can be found in the unconscious aspect of your soul or Higher Self.

Once you acknowledge these tasks, you can begin to work on understanding them and releasing the hold they have on you. You can’t just heal these irritations unless you remove the cause. Patience is necessary to unravel the causes. Once you acknowledge a problem, thank it for its service to you and send it on its way as you fill its void with unconditional love.

Some of these things have continued over from past lives, but many are new lessons you sought to understand from the human perspective available only when you are on Earth. Once you have dealt with more of these fears, then engage in whatever service may appeal to you. You will then be ready to accomplish all you desire.