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Tuesday, May 2nd, 2017

QUESTION: Masters, out of the blue last year I had 4 seizures within the span of a month and was eventually diagnosed with a rare neurological condition. The exact cause of the seizures isn’t clear but lab evidence suggests its antibodies and my doctors think I’ll be on medication for life. But I feel there is something being overlooked here, what was the triggering factor(s)? Was it supposed to be a one-time-only event? What are the lessons and is this something I chose to deal with during this lifetime? As you mentioned only if we know the problem then we can start working on a solution, is there anything I can do or change to ensure these seizures do not return? ~Pieter, Singapore

[In compliance with US law, the Spirit Masters do not diagnose or prescribe for medical conditions. Their observations are spirit-based and concern life lessons. Readers may like to review details of the Masters’ booklet/ebook on healing.]

ANSWER: Control, control, control. Doubt, doubt, doubt. You have an incredible need to know all the answers and reasons for everything in your life. You shy away from trusting in the universe’s care of you and accepting your own abilities and powers as a piece of Source energy. You were becoming complacent in your spiritual journey, not seeking further growth. Hello! Wake-up call!

You are an older soul who has made this trip to Earth hundreds of times, and each time you select more and more difficult lessons for yourself. Ask, from a spiritual perspective: What has this experience allowed me to become aware of? Have I ceded all of my power to the medical profession or have I worked alongside them with my own abilities? Do I just identify with their diagnosis or do I look for the life lesson within?

Nothing is absolute in a soul’s journey through humanhood. Source energy, your essence, is all-powerful, all-magnificent, all-creative and all at your beck and call. Acceptance of your abilities is always the first lesson in a human existence, right up there with knowing you have total freedom of choice.

You have the ability to control your physical being with your power to manifest. You can activate your human DNA to repair, replace, or restructure your internal systems. Releasing ego judgment about how things should be by consensus of society, and evaluating how you desire things to be for your learning experience will throw a different light on your current status.

Separate paths

Tuesday, May 2nd, 2017

QUESTION: Masters, I am thinking about a person I deeply love and want to share my life with. Since longtime I felt we will have a child, but when it happened, that soul didn’t come here to stay, and the whole thing was so confusing to him that he decided to end our relationship. Have we gone through all we were supposed to and should I really go on trying to forget about all? Before I met him, I was in the treatment where all karma bonds were cut and I fear also that it influenced how things went between us. Am I totally lost thinking that we should be together? What happened to him? ~Helena, Finland

ANSWER:  You are each traveling your own path. You had some things you wished to experience together such as romantic love and the birth of a child, but also sorrow, confusion, and loss of faith in yourselves. He is not ready to share his spiritual journey. He does not deal with pain well; he does what he can to flee from it, hiding away and licking his wounds. Nothing you say or do right now will change that fact.

You are a terrific manifestor and have been responsible for his even giving life a try with you. He needs to evaluate what happened between you and see if he is ready to accept the harsh lessons he chose. All you can do for him right now is send him unconditionally loving energy so that he might find his way to understanding. He needs time to work on his feelings; don’t push him. He may never be ready to move on with his lessons in this life.

Your work on getting rid of and, hopefully, understanding your past-life issues (karma as you call it) had nothing to do with what happened between the two of you. One of those old issues is abandonment and a sense of having no control over your own life. It is repeating itself here. You feel he has abandoned you and you can’t do anything about it.

When you cut connections with uncompleted lessons without knowing why they are there, they are just set aside to return in another form at another time. Examining the other issues you cut loose may let you know what else is coming your way. Meditation, hypnosis, or self-hypnosis will take you back into the origin of your lessons and allow you to see what they are about and what you failed to learn from them.

Being able to see and acknowledge your open lessons is the first step in completing them and never having to deal with them again. Unfortunately, as with everything in human life, you can only work on your own problems; you cannot solve them for another. Give him time to see if he will complete anything further in this existence.


Indecisive and programmed

Tuesday, May 2nd, 2017

QUESTION: Masters I have been through a two-year period of many changes. I’ve just turned 30 and it’s like I was just born. I am happy with the awakening that I have lived, but professionally my path is still not clear. I have been unemployed for some months and have difficulty identifying with something I want and that makes sense to me. I no longer identify with my training area and it seems that the doors close for me. My family has a history of financial hardship, my parents have never been able to continue their plans, despite the potential. Am I in a karmic difficulty? Is there a cycle I need to break? Lately I have wanted to start a business of my own and I wonder if this can be a way for me. Ana, Brazil

ANSWER: You have come into full recognition of the fact that you have freedom of choice in all things in this life. What you are dealing with are all of the beliefs with which you have grown up. Your parents’ difficulties come from the fact that they can’t focus on just one thing and carry through with it. They are dreamers and don’t accept that since they are in physical bodies they have to give some consideration to the physical needs of their bodies and shape their lives to be able to provide for those needs.

You have picked up on this trait and expect that you can just follow your fantasy of a good life without the practicalities of providing for yourself in the usual societal fashion. There is nothing wrong with throwing away all of your training and moving to another field – that is, if you can make enough money to provide for yourself with something else.

You find doors closed right now because you are sending mixed signals out to the universe that you have no idea what you want to do. How can you make a connection with something you have not even considered yet? You envision a business of your own, but what is it? Do you have enough expertise that others will come to you? Dreams are nice but they don’t feed you.

Patience is your most intense life lesson. You don’t give yourself time working with one idea before you flip elsewhere. Try settling into a productive employment, even in your old field, in order to take care of your needs, and then begin to develop something that appeals to you more. If you decide you really like the new job, transition into it full time.

To be happy in your career you must resonate with what you are doing. You can “test drive” something new to see if it is for you without having to commit yourself one hundred percent to the switch: simply stay where you are as you investigate all the possibilities in a different situation. Stop thinking about what “makes sense to you” and start feeling for that with which you identify.