Separate paths

QUESTION: Masters, I am thinking about a person I deeply love and want to share my life with. Since longtime I felt we will have a child, but when it happened, that soul didn’t come here to stay, and the whole thing was so confusing to him that he decided to end our relationship. Have we gone through all we were supposed to and should I really go on trying to forget about all? Before I met him, I was in the treatment where all karma bonds were cut and I fear also that it influenced how things went between us. Am I totally lost thinking that we should be together? What happened to him? ~Helena, Finland

ANSWER:  You are each traveling your own path. You had some things you wished to experience together such as romantic love and the birth of a child, but also sorrow, confusion, and loss of faith in yourselves. He is not ready to share his spiritual journey. He does not deal with pain well; he does what he can to flee from it, hiding away and licking his wounds. Nothing you say or do right now will change that fact.

You are a terrific manifestor and have been responsible for his even giving life a try with you. He needs to evaluate what happened between you and see if he is ready to accept the harsh lessons he chose. All you can do for him right now is send him unconditionally loving energy so that he might find his way to understanding. He needs time to work on his feelings; don’t push him. He may never be ready to move on with his lessons in this life.

Your work on getting rid of and, hopefully, understanding your past-life issues (karma as you call it) had nothing to do with what happened between the two of you. One of those old issues is abandonment and a sense of having no control over your own life. It is repeating itself here. You feel he has abandoned you and you can’t do anything about it.

When you cut connections with uncompleted lessons without knowing why they are there, they are just set aside to return in another form at another time. Examining the other issues you cut loose may let you know what else is coming your way. Meditation, hypnosis, or self-hypnosis will take you back into the origin of your lessons and allow you to see what they are about and what you failed to learn from them.

Being able to see and acknowledge your open lessons is the first step in completing them and never having to deal with them again. Unfortunately, as with everything in human life, you can only work on your own problems; you cannot solve them for another. Give him time to see if he will complete anything further in this existence.