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Fear of aging

Tuesday, May 16th, 2017

QUESTION: Masters, I have a sadness in my heart that feels like a depression when it comes to aging. I even recall crying about it as a child. It has gotten worse recently after the deaths of my grandparents and my father. Maybe because I have also struggled with a reoccurring health issue, although not terminal, it has affected me greatly and is a reminder of the disease that took my father’s life. Lately I’ve needed frequent reassurance that I still have friends and family around me and that things are going to be alright. I try to find the positives and tell myself that getting older isn’t so bad, but I just can’t shake this feeling. Why do I feel this heavy sadness, impending fear and loneliness about growing old? ~Angie, Canada

ANSWER: You have forgotten who you are – you are an eternal soul who has chosen to experience a human life for a brief period of time. This body you see in the mirror is only the covering you took on for this play in which you currently have a role. You chose to experience fear of termination or cessation of existence. One of the points you wished to learn was that you never die.

Your thoughts, fears, and need for reassurance come from the beliefs by which you have chosen to live this life. You are existing in negative thoughts and ideals. You see only the “bad” and disastrous implications of everything in your life because you see everything as being out of your control, determined by some physical force, and final.

You do not have any confidence in yourself, nor do you love yourself. You do not need others to reassure you if you recognize who you are and what abilities you have. You were broken off from Source, and just as Source is magnificent, all-powerful, and all-knowing, so are you.

Love of self comes from accepting that you have these powers and congratulating yourself on having the stamina and courage to come into this existence and face the tests you are undertaking. See yourself as an explorer who will understand that the next step is rejoining the rest of the souls back at Home where you will see everyone who has returned before you.

Aging is not just a step toward death for the body but is also the accumulation of more understanding and wisdom, both of which allow you to appreciate yourself. Connect with the spirits of your passed relatives to permit them to allay your fears.


Tuesday, May 16th, 2017

QUESTION: Masters what really is the elevation of the kundalini? Sometimes when I’m meditating I feel pleasure, and my root chakra opens up like a flower, is such a bliss. What is the symbol of the serpent in this act? The elevation and the fall of the energy? How can we use this energy for better living? ~Madalena, Brazil

ANSWER: Kundalini is the term used to discuss the essential energy of the soul when it is released within the physical human body. Many people who do not understand their status as souls having a human experience are totally unaware of the possibilities of sensing and using their potential soul essence to understand, enjoy, and connect on a physical basis with their nonphysical self.

Since the acknowledgment of the Kundalini involves a merging of the nonphysical with the physical, generally you must use the Earth energy, entering through the root chakra, to give it a physical force within the body. That is why it is said to “arise” from the root and wend its way up through the rest of the body. The Indian philosophy speaks of this as the opening of a lotus flower and the energy climbing up – like the uncoiling of a snake – through the body’s central pranic tube and into the rest of the physical sphere.

This influx of extremely strong energy will impact all the body’s systems, creating sensations of everything from pain, through bliss, into massive stimulation of a person’s feelings and emotions. The basic benefit of this charge is the ability to connect on an intimate basis with all your bodily functions.

The energy allows one to reach outside the bodily shell and connect with the unconscious aspects of oneself and the universe. If the person is not conflicted with residual negativity from their life lessons, they will be dealing with unconditional love and the ego will disappear. In this state, it is possible to remember the powers and abilities that are a part of Source energy, from which all souls derived.

This then allows the soul to emerge and the human body to be all-powerful, all-knowing, all-creative, and all-loving. If the human side starts to emerge again, powered by an ego judgment, the kundalini energy will be in conflict with it, resulting in confusion, discord, and depression.

Layers of guilt

Tuesday, May 16th, 2017

QUESTION: Masters, I’ve worked around feeling of guilt, not being good enough or deserving to have abundance. I took the feeling to the core where it originated – it took me back to a time during childhood. I saw how from that resisted experience I created situations that created feelings of guilt – I was able to connect the dots. I feel I have released most of these feelings from this life time but during an exercise I saw an image of a man during holocaust living with feeling guilty because of what he did to people. Is that an image of my past life and feelings I carried to this lifetime? If so, is this something I should work on. If so, how to release it? Also, anything else that I still need to release from this lifetime to continue to move forward and create the life I want. ~Marion, USA

ANSWER: Congratulations on all the work you have done so far. When a soul chooses to experience the entirety of a life lesson such as you have with guilt, you explore every iteration of it. There are two factors figuring into this life for you. First is the realization of guilt as a lesson and the solving of the pieces you experienced during this time period. You should have noticed that each reappearance was created by a slightly different set of facts, and was generally more difficult than the previous one, until you dealt with the energy holding it to your life.

The second aspect is that you have had a series of lives in which you continued to deal with guilt, but it was caused by extremely different situations. You have spent several lives in holocaust-like conditions where you blamed yourself for things occurring to you and those around you. In these lives you were also dealing with a subset of lessons concerning the need to be in control, and you felt that you were responsible for the others who shared your lifetime.

The important thing for you to put all these energies behind you, so that they do not continue to shadow your existence, is to concentrate on who you are as the soul who is having all these human experiences. In other words, you are a piece of Source energy with all the powers and abilities of Source. You create the reality within which you choose to live.

Once you walk away from judgment, which is the power of the ego, you will be able to free yourself from all negativity and exist in unconditional love. Life lessons do not occur in unconditional love. You will be able to connect with your unconscious self – your soul – and remember all that you are, how and why you have experienced lessons in the past, and also all the wisdom you gathered so that you would not have to face them again.