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Tuesday, May 23rd, 2017

QUESTION: Masters, I think about separating from my husband, I believe our mission is over. We have a good coexistence, he says he loves me, but I do not believe it very much. Love exists, but not as husband and wife. We have twins, who I believe are highly evolved spirits and will not suffer from this separation, for they are very attached to me. I feel a great love for someone else, I feel that we know each other from other life. From the first time I saw him I felt something for him. He is a very spiritual person, but is a little lost, I feel a lot of desire to help him, but I do not get too involved. I wonder if he feels the same way about me. Is this feeling real, do we have a mission together here or is it just physical attraction? ~Elis, Brazil

ANSWER: You are being very specific in your analysis of what you feel love is all about. Your husband loves you as a soul sharing a lifetime with him. He respects your path even though the romantic aspects have faded from your relationship. You think only of a romantic physical love which you have been craving and have now experienced for another. For this reason, you have convinced yourself that your mission with your husband is finished.

Your rationalization has extended to thinking it won’t matter to the children if you leave their father because they are more attached to you. Yes, they are highly evolved and can sense the light has gone out between their parents, but they still love their father and will suffer the pain which will come to him when you leave.

Part of the draw towards this new man is the fact that he needs assistance. Your husband does not depend on you for his emotional needs because he is balanced while your new interest is not. You need to have someone need you. Both your twins and their father can survive on their own; this new one cannot.

You have no mission or prior agreement with the new person. Your physical attraction to him is the only motivating factor for you. He is a user and a player. He will tell you what you want to hear so that he can take advantage of your good nature. He does not love you as you think you do him.

You are correct that it may be time for you to move on from your current situation in order to learn more about life and yourself, but if you are going to do this, be sure of why you are doing it. Don’t justify your physical reactions to another by using spiritual plans and meanings. Examine your inner feelings and what you seek to get from the encounter. You will find sex alone will not sustain you for long.

Mixing physical and non-physical concepts

Tuesday, May 23rd, 2017

QUESTION: Masters how can Russia be one of the “backbone countries”, whose goal is peace, economic steadiness and environmental protection if they are unaware of spiritual directions? ~Virve, Finland

ANSWER: Most of society is in the form of countries and nations who, in order to function and think of themselves as superlative to other nations, rely upon ego judgment. Spirituality has no judgement whatsoever in its concepts. It is total unconditional love where everyone and everything is equal and never graded, ordered, or judged against any other. The idea of being a “backbone” is a judgment and not found in a spiritual setting.

In the physical world, such as on the planet Earth, souls can only learn the lessons they came there to experience through the use of judgment, such as by learning to rid themselves of negative directions and pursuing the positive loving space. The choice to pursue one’s spiritual path is an individual thing and cannot be forced or enforced on others.

Countries label themselves as they wish to be seen and have others accept them. They also work on the principle that if you say something often enough, at least you, if not the world, will believe that it is true. It’s somewhat like a person who doesn’t have the experience they need for a job saying that they do until they actually spend enough time to get the needed knowledge – the old “fake it until you make it.”

Even your question reaches outside a spiritual environment because you are asking for a determination via judgment from us. When viewing definitions and boasts, such as this one, become an observer and evaluate whether or not anything that is being done is helpful to the world or if you need to look elsewhere.

No soul has any control over the conduct of another unless they allow it. When a nation proclaims itself to be something, it is the belief of the speaker and does not necessarily represent what the majority of the population feels. Nations don’t have spiritual directions because they are not individual souls having a human experience in order to learn about their essence as pieces of Source. They are a gathering of physical beings trying to prove themselves, to themselves and others, in the physical world.

Body’s reaction to spiritual energy

Tuesday, May 23rd, 2017

QUESTION: Masters two years ago I started having everyday almost all day headaches. They started around the same time I started doing Buddhism morning exercises. Mostly on the sides of the head, like massaging, sometimes stronger and disturbing. After some time, I discovered I have high blood pressure. Don’t know if it’s genetic or came from something else. The headaches lasted almost 1.5 years, then suddenly stopped. They started again this April when I participated a meditation retreat In Thailand. Now I have them while meditating. Another thing is tapping loud in my ears when going to sleep. Though it has been less while traveling last months in Asia. I would like to know what is the cause of the headaches, high blood pressure and tapping in the ears. What could I do to avoid them? What is the lesson to learn? ~Merit, Estonia

[In compliance with US law, the Spirit Masters do not diagnose or prescribe for medical conditions. Their observations are spirit-based and concern life lessons. Readers may like to review details of the Masters’ booklet/ebook on healing.]

ANSWER: Many physical bodies are overly sensitive to spiritual, nonphysical types of energy. These can originate from the movement of the soul’s essential kundalini, an opening into the universe connecting to life force energy, or the brilliance of unconditional Source love. Some bodies are rigid and not easily accommodating to additional energy within the structure of the body.

When new sources of vibrational energy are introduced to a place such as the head, they compete for space. When a person is meditating within a group, an additional supply of energy is added to the person’s own because the joint volume multiplies its impact on the body.

The purpose of meditation and Buddhist practices is to elevate the vibration of the body to a clearer, stronger connection to nonphysical beings. Your body is resisting the release of its control over the physicality of your shell. This has resulted in a battle with headaches and forces being applied internally. The high blood pressure is one indication. The ringing/tapping comes from a change in pressure such as what many people get while ascending to altitude or in an airplane.

The first batch of headaches lasted until your body became used to the changes going on. They returned because you were experiencing slightly different forms of meditation and again benefiting from the combination with others also participating in the retreat.

To lessen these effects, release all expectations, fears, and analysis of what is occurring. Relax your entire physical body and expand your emotional, spiritual, and mental bodies outward, enabling more room within for expansion of the vibrations. Begin with a series of deep breaths, releasing stress. Think of your body as being able to merge with the nonphysical world without being impacted in the physical realm.