Mixing physical and non-physical concepts

QUESTION: Masters how can Russia be one of the “backbone countries”, whose goal is peace, economic steadiness and environmental protection if they are unaware of spiritual directions? ~Virve, Finland

ANSWER: Most of society is in the form of countries and nations who, in order to function and think of themselves as superlative to other nations, rely upon ego judgment. Spirituality has no judgement whatsoever in its concepts. It is total unconditional love where everyone and everything is equal and never graded, ordered, or judged against any other. The idea of being a “backbone” is a judgment and not found in a spiritual setting.

In the physical world, such as on the planet Earth, souls can only learn the lessons they came there to experience through the use of judgment, such as by learning to rid themselves of negative directions and pursuing the positive loving space. The choice to pursue one’s spiritual path is an individual thing and cannot be forced or enforced on others.

Countries label themselves as they wish to be seen and have others accept them. They also work on the principle that if you say something often enough, at least you, if not the world, will believe that it is true. It’s somewhat like a person who doesn’t have the experience they need for a job saying that they do until they actually spend enough time to get the needed knowledge – the old “fake it until you make it.”

Even your question reaches outside a spiritual environment because you are asking for a determination via judgment from us. When viewing definitions and boasts, such as this one, become an observer and evaluate whether or not anything that is being done is helpful to the world or if you need to look elsewhere.

No soul has any control over the conduct of another unless they allow it. When a nation proclaims itself to be something, it is the belief of the speaker and does not necessarily represent what the majority of the population feels. Nations don’t have spiritual directions because they are not individual souls having a human experience in order to learn about their essence as pieces of Source. They are a gathering of physical beings trying to prove themselves, to themselves and others, in the physical world.