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Guides of all types

Tuesday, March 17th, 2015

QUESTION: Masters: Would you enlighten me about Angels and spirit guides – Do they intervene in our life and if so when do they do that or refrain from being involved. Do they really hear us when we speak to them? ~Mary, USA

ANSWER: Souls who are not in a physical form frequently act as advisors for those on Earth. The operative word here is advisors; although most people refer to them as guides, they do not intervene and take the lead in your life’s journey.

All souls have total freedom of choice, so each decision for a direction in their lifetime must be made by them. You may argue that those who are under the influence of other humans who demand they do exactly as instructed are not making choices – but they are. Their choice is to give up their power to exercise freedom of choice to those controlling individuals. The only lesson they learn in this scenario is to be controlled and experience a total lack of self-confidence and esteem.

When souls incarnate into human bodies, they ask friends back home to assist them by acting as guides. What they are asking is that the spirits provide information to them that they are unable to see or recognize on their own. These guides do not give unsolicited assistance. They must wait for those in human form to ask for help. They will not tell you what to do.

Nonphysical spirits can hear anything that is addressed to them, whether they are at Home in the light or have chosen to stay in the third dimension as discarnate or negative beings. Beings of the light must always wait to be asked and must tell the truth as it exists. Negative spirits, being in the duality of Earth, can interfere any time they choose and can mislead, make demands, and try to trick humans.

If you do not specify you wish to speak only to beings of the light when you address the universe, you invite negative energies to butt in if they choose. If you are communicating with spirits and they tell you that you must do something, they are not from the light. Beings of the light give you options but refrain from imposing their beliefs.

All souls who are nonphysical are considered to be spirits. The term “angel” has a lot of religious connotations, but it may also refer to souls who have chosen to be guides but have not incarnated and spent time in a human body. Some of the earliest pieces of Source who became individualized were grouped together as angels. It is a descriptive term and not an indication of a higher status than other souls. All souls are the same.

Creating an illusion

Tuesday, March 17th, 2015

QUESTION: Masters, My best friend R always tells me that she has feelings of restlessness and a sense of impending doom concerning the person that she loves, M. She fears that M is approaching his death and may not live up to a certain age. She has told me that she can visualize having a family with him but cannot picture themselves an old couple due to his short life span. These thoughts have made her really stressful as suddenly, she starts feeling that something bad is going to happen to him. Though they are no longer in a relationship, she still loves M and I believe that she has created a strong emotional and mental connection with him. Can you explain about what she is feeling and is there any way that they could be together? Does he even love R as unconditionally as she does? ~V., Singapore

ANSWER: Your friend has created an illusion based on the life she would like to have. Since this man does not love her unconditionally, she is picturing an alternate solution to their spending the rest of their lives together. This ending, the termination of his life, gives her an excuse for them not to be in a relationship.

Her lesson in this situation is to realize she cannot influence anything that happens to this man, and that her purpose on Earth is to learn about who she is and not spend time picturing herself in a dream. She would rather continue with her made-up world instead of becoming aware of the actual events around her. She is running away and hiding from reality.

He parted from her in the first place because of her intensity and dreaming. The only way they could ever be together would be if he made the choice to give her another try. This will not happen unless she lives in the moment within the factual reality he shares.

This obsession is unhealthy for her and is taking her into a negative existence where results occur to accomplish the end product of unhappiness. To remake her life she would need to give up her ego judgment that this is the only man for her, shed all negativity that prevents manifestation of a fulfilling relationship, and spend time learning to love herself and this journey on which she has ventured.

Love of self is not selfishness but rather an acceptance of the lessons chosen and the actions required to understand them completely.

Working on a life lesson

Tuesday, March 17th, 2015

QUESTION: Masters I’ve always had huge problems in finding something I’d love, meaning both people and work. I even have feared that I am not capable to love at all. So finding love has always been my only real interest and therefor I’ve always been trying to find something I’d really love, but never fully succeeded. Until now. For the last few years I have felt utter love towards someone with whom I can’t be in a relationship. We know each other only from a distance. Still, the weirdest thing is that this feeling seems to be mutual, which makes it even more new to me. Who is this soul to me, why did we choose this situation (living separately, but longing)? Am I too difficult and selfish a person to never be able to live with someone in peace and harmony, in a loving and sharing long term relationship? ~Hannah, Finland

ANSWER: Your major lesson for this lifetime is discovering all the aspects of love. Love is not just a romantic pairing with another; it is also the love of family, colleagues, associates, your path in life, and most importantly love of self. There are many layers to love, such as physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.

One of the signs of love is being in total acceptance of all the phases of union with another, or in the case of self-love, accepting that everything that appears in your life does so for you to learn that which you desired.

The “love” you are experiencing at this time is composed of mental, emotional, and physical parts. Your thoughts convince you that this person is for you. You have an emotional reaction, a sense of giddiness, and warmth in your body whenever you think of or have contact with the person, which involves your physical body as well as your mind.

This soul is also trying to learn about love because of having been unfulfilled. You have created a co-dependence of essential learning. The situation of exploration is the reason you have met. Both of you are experiencing sensations of “love” for the first time.

You are not a difficult or selfish person, just one who is learning lessons. One problem you have is the intense expectation that your life can never be complete until you are in a loving and sharing relationship with another. You can love another only to the extent that you love yourself. If you do not love yourself you cannot love another, and therefore no other will present to you for the purpose of a union.

Get rid of your negativity concerning relations, learn to love the work you are doing on understanding yourself, and then manifest a partner for yourself.