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Where do all the souls come from?

Tuesday, March 10th, 2015

QUESTION: Masters where do all of the spirits/souls come from (origination)? There are old souls and others, but where do the souls continue to root from. We are already a spirit before we are born to earth and enter a human body, but the population grows. Where do the spirits/grow from? ~Avital, USA

ANSWER: All souls are pieces broken off from Source energy. Just under seven billion souls are incarnate on your Planet Earth at this time. We have visited this question in the past in our writing of the book Exploring Reincarnation. The question (found on page 203) was: “How many souls are there currently in existence? Is the creation of new souls ongoing or has it already met a target number?

Our answer now, as it was then, is: “Using your numbering system there are approaching a trillion souls in existence. Take your known Earth population, consider there are hundreds of other places souls can inhabit, understand souls come and go daily (birth and death), some souls are in places where they have the option of popping in and out of bodies as they experience different activities, and the answer is that the number changes constantly. (The number that are on Earth at any one time, not the total number of individual souls.)

The creation of individual souls has no specific target number. All the fragments that are needed to sustain the current learning processes exist now. Will more be needed in the future? There are too many variables to say with absolute certainty, but we do not anticipate the creation of any additional souls.”

As you can see from these figures 9,993 billion souls are not engaged in life on the planet. Also considering souls repeatedly choose to return to Earth to try new life lessons it seems unlikely the variables will present themselves such that Source will have to make further divisions of itself.

Creating a future

Tuesday, March 10th, 2015

Question: Masters, for a very long time, I have had this inexplicable feeling that I may not live up to the age of 25 years. It feels as if I will go “home” either before I am 25 or during my 25th year. I cannot see myself living beyond these years. I always feel as if my true “home” is somewhere beyond the stars and there are 4 souls awaiting my return. I have always been suicidal because I cannot accept my current incarnation. An Akashic reader told me that this feeling is symbolic of a spiritual transformation that I will face during this period. Whereas an astrologer said that I will lead a luxurious life in the future. I really do not want anything more but to just go “home” and be in peace. Can you explain to me what I am feeling? ~Vaishnavee, Singapore

ANSWER: You are creating a belief system that is impacting everyday of your life. This is sabotaging your ability to live in the moment and enjoy the flow of the universe around you. When you erect a boundary around you it is impossible to see beyond that barrier. Your restriction is an age related one. This is not set in stone since none of your life lessons contain a specific end point.

The human mind and intention is very strong and powerful. American Indians used to decide when they wished to return Home. They would take themselves out into the woods, sit down by a tree, and have their soul leave their physical body. This is in essence what you are preparing yourself for. Why? There is much more you have not completed of your intended lessons.

Stop trying to have others make your decisions for you. You consult seers to get different points of view. You accept those which agree with your dreams and play around with anything which does not. You are the creator of your future not the energy others read from around you.

Nothing is stagnant. Everything is in flux. You can observe all the possible directions which are available or you can fixate on a single destination and close your eyes to the other possibilities. The decision and direction is yours.

All souls came from somewhere else but you have all eternity to return there. Don’t be in a hurry you have many more than four souls awaiting you, but you can contact them from here and let them help guide you.

Your growth may cause fear

Tuesday, March 10th, 2015

QUESTION: Masters, I have had problems with my husband. In my spiritual search I noticed I have changed a lot and it’s stressing him to realize I’m different now, not under his control anymore. Assuming my own power and take steps towards evolved light frequencies has made us apart. He’s even aggressive lately. Why to connect with higher frequencies is so difficult for the family members who are still living in the ego mind? What can I do if he does not believe in anything I do or tell him? ~Maria, Brasil

ANSWER: When you married your husband you were both very third dimensional engaging in the societal ego function of judging, rating, and grading everything that happened around you or in which you took part. You also deferred to his wishes thinking it would make him love you more. It didn’t, it just gave him a sense of being able to control and manipulate you.

As you explored your spiritual essence you became aware that letting go of the need to judge and using love instead made you feel better and lighter. You were releasing the heavy Earth negativity and replacing it with universal unconditional love which is a lighter vibration.

He has done nothing to move beyond the starting point you had with him. As you have learned to use your abilities to take care of your own power and create a world more resonant with your soul you have grown apart from your husband and even antagonized him because you long longer fear and unconditionally obey his desires.

Your choices have taken you away from the negative default energy of the third dimension and placed you in a position to seek positive loving energy. It is hard for those not on a spiritual journey to recognize the characteristics of a negative world as versed to a positive environment. The ego asks for maintaining a “right and wrong” world. This is in conflict with seeking evaluation of your actions and seeking love.

Each soul has freedom to choose the world it desires. You must make the choices about your future. Do you want to try to balance both worlds? Or is it time to find a comfortable place where you may grow faster and without interference? Neither choice is right or wrong – you must evaluate the path for you.