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What is a “feeling”?

Tuesday, August 12th, 2014

QUESTION: Masters, You have mentioned getting in touch with your feelings to confirm a decision/direction. I have found that feeling can be really subtle. I was expecting a “big feeling” when really, it can be a whisper. I received confirmation that I’m growing in this. But it really helped to receive confirmation because I was feeling disappointed that I wasn’t having big emotional feelings! I feel like others may be tackling this concern as well. Can you elaborate on feeling? Perhaps instead of a “big feeling”, it really is quiet and peaceful? ~Anne, US

ANSWER: We are really glad you have brought up this subject because it relates to something we are always commenting on: a person’s expectations. When you have decided before something happens what you think should happen, you have restricted the possibilities and fixated on a potential impossibility. Here, if you expect a big push, a subtle nudge will go unheard or unfelt.

This concept has a little to do with living in the now. If you have no past or future ideas of what can occur, you are open to whatever comes your way in the moment. A physical feeling in a human body is any sensation that is not a part of any other normal process within that body. When you get a “feeling” or “sense” that you should do something, just out of the blue, that is your subtle indication of the type feeling to which we are referring.

Humans are raised with adults and society always telling them exactly what is required for them to accomplish anything. You get used to it. You want it to continue because you can’t be wrong about something if you have not had to make any choices.

This procedure of listening to and obeying others does not involve your soul – that little inner voice. Your inner wisdom does not come in the booming voice of your teacher. It starts out, usually a bit hesitantly, as a whisper. Isn’t that how you venture into any new endeavor, with a degree of trepidation? As your confidence increases and faith in yourself blossoms, it may start growing in intensity – but only if you wish it. If you can hear and recognize it for guidance, why have it blast your eardrums?

Live in the now, being aware of what is going on in your immediate vicinity, and that includes within your body as well. When you talked about a destination, did your heart or stomach flutter a little? When you wrote down possible choices on a piece of paper, did some seem to be a little brighter or darker? These are the signatures of your “feelings” – not just physical, but also emotional and mental. Again, thank you for asking.

Balancing ego and spirit

Tuesday, August 12th, 2014

QUESTION: Masters, I am thinking of leaving my job to start a business. I work from home in computers and I’m not miserable but not joyful in my work. I’m torn. From spirit I know to be still and trust in the process. From ego I have fears and conflicting beliefs that financial abundance is difficult. I’m finding it hard to identify what my heart wants. To work harder for a business that might work, or to stay where I am in a comfortable job and seek joy in other places. ~Rayne, Israel

ANSWER: There is always something to be said for being your own boss and making all the decisions concerning your progress through life. You know all about freedom of choice, and you have mentioned the various physical inputs contributing to your world and the way you may view them.

Now is the time to exercise your freedom of choice. Neither option is right or wrong for you – just different ways to proceed from here. The ego that brings up all the fears and doubts is powered by the opinions of society, which judges everything and everybody. These thoughts are based on what has happened to someone else who has chosen a similar path. But that someone is not you, and that should have little or nothing to do with your potential success.

Spirit will tell you all about the power you have within and the ability to manifest that which you desire. You have to accept your power to create, and know that you can use it to bring the financial abundance you desire. Your heart is that little inner voice that will tell you if you are ready to make a move and when.

Your inner essence will help you decide the path. There is nothing wrong with remaining as you are, where you are easily able to fulfill the requirements of the job and therefore have spare time to investigate other pursuits. Happiness is different things to different people. Money is one, satisfaction of accomplishment is another, and mastering a new quest – business or personal – is another. The choice is up to you.

Dealing with client’s baggage

Tuesday, August 12th, 2014

QUESTION: Masters, I am a past life regressionist. At times I work with clients that carry very negative energies. What method of protection should I use to prevent negative beings or energies from latching on? Is the visualization of white light sufficient or should other colours be used? Or what other method is best engaged? ~Corey, Singapore

ANSWER: The first preventive measure you should consider is crystals that absorb negativity, such as those from the quartz family. You will have to periodically cleanse them with salt water, sunlight, or moonlight. Placing some along the windows will also keep out any negativity from the outside attracted to your client. The most important step is to minimize what is lured into the room, not just what comes with the client.

It is vital to protect yourself before beginning a session. Negativity can enter you only if it is invited. It can, however, attach to you as it sees fit. Surrounding your body with white light repels the negative energies and prevents them from attaching. Most energies cannot penetrate the white light. If you still sense some trying to get through to you, add a rainbow waterfall over your head; this will discourage and disengage them.

At the end of your session, invite all the negativity to enter into an energy ball and ask if it wishes to go into the light or what other destination it desires. With your intention, send it where it wants – but not into a living person. Take your hands and physically brush off any extraneous negativity, wishing for it to leave.

If you sense you have been in a large amount of negative energy, take a bath with sea salt, Epsom salt, and vinegar. It doesn’t take more than ½ cup in a tub of water. This clears everything from you, including causing your body to detox. Do not do this too often or it will lose its effectiveness. You can shower and rub a little sea salt on your skin daily if you choose; this breaks the ability of negativity to adhere.