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Eternal souls and their choices

Tuesday, August 19th, 2014

QUESTION: Masters, Our psychic daughter with autism has typed that our grandson is the reincarnation of my late sister. I always thought that I would see my sister again after death, but if she is incarnated at that time, how could I possibly meet with her again then? Do spirits who have moved on leave a personal messenger type hologram behind? Or do they come as their old selves somehow to meet us? I get confused about this, as I want very much to see my departed family members again. . . . . as they were when I knew them. How does this work? ~Carolyn, U.S.

ANSWER: Souls never die they just choose to go from one lifetime to another. Occasionally they decide to come back into the same human family from which they once resided and other times they will go somewhere new to them for an entirely different sort of experience.

The way you remember a particular soul is from your face to face contact with them. The body is nothing more than a covering which the soul has chosen for a single lifetime. Once the soul transitions back home the physical shell remains on the planet. The essence of the soul is unconditionally loving energy which needs no outer covering. It is without form and may be in many places at once which is why they rarely choose to take human form at Home because it takes so much energy and restricts movement.

You are correct that if your sister chose to come back that she will not be in energetic form when you first return to your original form (energy) unless she planned to have a very short life and pre-decease you. Also you may be disappointed in the person you see because after a soul has left the body they used on Earth they do not have a physical appearance unless they choose to reconstruct one. The chosen form may appear to be any age they were within that body. They may even choose to affect cosmetic changes if there was something about their body they did not care for.

Souls do not leave behind holograms per se – but the memory of those here is sometimes sufficient to provide that degree of definition. You will know your sister by her energy if you merely open yourself to the energy coming from her soul.

Pre-birth contracts

Tuesday, August 19th, 2014

QUESTION: Masters, when I was an 8 years old both my parents were murdered on separate occasions. A year later my aunt was beat to death and died as well. As I got older the tragic losses continued to happen until I had no more family left. From the ages of 8 to 16 I lost 10 relatives and my life has never been the same since. I feel like I’m carrying this huge burden on my shoulders and my heart is broken beyond repair. I’m 27 years old now and I was just wondering if my family is cursed or is this some kind of karmic situation? My whole family is dead and I need to know why. ~Danielle, Canada

ANSWER: You are a soul who has experienced many lifetimes and wanted extremes this time around. You wanted to find your inner strength, self-confidence, and the limits of loneliness and abandonment. You chose your family because you were aware of their plans to all depart during this short period of Earth time.

Each time a family member left you had to re-evaluate your life and your priorities. Each time you took more and more responsibility for your own upbringing. You became aware of strengths that could have been brought out in no other way.

One of the things that weigh so heavily on your shoulders is the sense of being a survivor. This is known as survivor’s guilt – why not me too? You must understand that there is absolutely nothing you could have done to prevent any of these events. They were all planned in advance. Your plan was to deal with the results of everyone else’s departure while you still remained.

There is no curse just life lessons. Karma, which is a negative result for a negative action, exists only in the duality of Earth and had no effect on you or your family. The deaths, of your family members, were by their pre-planning.

Now that you are at this stage of your life start looking only to the present moment and what is needed for your continued existence. You don’t need anyone to hold you up you are sufficiently strong to pull yourself to your desired destination. Decide if you want or need a family to be with you through life. If you do call one to you that you create – it is not necessary for them to be biologically connected. If not see what your future adventure could be that is after you release the energy of the past.



Tuesday, August 19th, 2014

QUESTION: Masters. I feel as though I am living two lives. Someone once told me I had a ‘ charmed ‘ life and so I do. I live with my wonderful husband, have a great home, job, friends and feel so grateful for these blessings. However many members of my family suffer ill health and disability and look to me for both mental and physical support. I am now a caregiver for 7 people. Most days I grin and bear it but it’s so hard. Please don’t say it’s not your burden, let someone else take over. I’ve heard all these a million times and in reality it doesn’t work. All I want to know is what purpose is this all serving? Some days I just want to die. ~Christine, England

ANSWER: You know most of what we are going to say – you have no indelible obligations to those for whom you have taken responsibility. This is a position which you have chosen but that does not mean you cannot find other ways for them to be taken care of. You assume you are the only one who knows the right way to proceed and the only one who cares. Most others have gone into the background because they don’t have to do anything since you are taking care of everything.

You have given those around you power over your decision making and day to day life. You may remain in this fashion or you can gradually start to shift to a place of honoring yourself and retrieving some, or all, of your power. This is a life lesson for you one of determining if you respect your needs or if you are just a giver.

A number of your family are in “victim mode” they desire to have someone else take care of them so they don’t move to take any responsibility themselves. To some degree you are facilitating the neediness within them by always being there and holding them up. They call you instead of trying to solve things on their own. The longer they remain in this framework the weaker and more dependent they become.

This is your life and you make all the decisions. You have to decide when you are being taken advantage of and what you wish to do about it. You have pictured yourself as the donkey carrying the load and have to change that picture in your mind before anything else will change. You are beginning to chaff under the load. The choices forward are up to you. Nothing is right or wrong in this life – it is merely the lessons you learn and how that learning takes place.