Eternal souls and their choices

QUESTION: Masters, Our psychic daughter with autism has typed that our grandson is the reincarnation of my late sister. I always thought that I would see my sister again after death, but if she is incarnated at that time, how could I possibly meet with her again then? Do spirits who have moved on leave a personal messenger type hologram behind? Or do they come as their old selves somehow to meet us? I get confused about this, as I want very much to see my departed family members again. . . . . as they were when I knew them. How does this work? ~Carolyn, U.S.

ANSWER: Souls never die they just choose to go from one lifetime to another. Occasionally they decide to come back into the same human family from which they once resided and other times they will go somewhere new to them for an entirely different sort of experience.

The way you remember a particular soul is from your face to face contact with them. The body is nothing more than a covering which the soul has chosen for a single lifetime. Once the soul transitions back home the physical shell remains on the planet. The essence of the soul is unconditionally loving energy which needs no outer covering. It is without form and may be in many places at once which is why they rarely choose to take human form at Home because it takes so much energy and restricts movement.

You are correct that if your sister chose to come back that she will not be in energetic form when you first return to your original form (energy) unless she planned to have a very short life and pre-decease you. Also you may be disappointed in the person you see because after a soul has left the body they used on Earth they do not have a physical appearance unless they choose to reconstruct one. The chosen form may appear to be any age they were within that body. They may even choose to affect cosmetic changes if there was something about their body they did not care for.

Souls do not leave behind holograms per se – but the memory of those here is sometimes sufficient to provide that degree of definition. You will know your sister by her energy if you merely open yourself to the energy coming from her soul.