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Realizing the choices

Tuesday, December 18th, 2012

QUESTION: Masters, while I know that everything is fleeting, I’m extremely upset. My father only attracts negative energy for him and the whole family. We strive, giving love, and he is always grumpy and complaining about our good deeds. He is difficult and selfish. He just does not want me to buy a house in the city where I work. I daily face difficulties in walking and I don’t have privacy in my life. I need to change this, but I feel that has opposing forces trying to attack me in every way. I learned to love myself and fight for my ideals with my own efforts. And this cry for freedom, no one else can take me … I would like to know about both my professional life and affective well. ~Luna, Brazil

ANSWER: You are a beautiful, loving, and strong soul. Your journey of life has brought you many realizations. You are acutely aware of the difference between negative and positive energies and feel a discomfort in the presence of negativity. You are able to identify it as negativity and not just an unpleasant disposition of another. The fact that it emanates from your father normally makes it even more difficult to identify because it frequently is part of the learning of belief systems one receives from their parents.

Continue to live your own life. Discard the beliefs that don’t serve you and make the choices which allow you to move forward. The opposing forces you feel are the negative and positive energies battling for your attention. The negative will make you surly, unhappy, and complaining about everything you attempt. The positive energies will reinforce your decisions and allow you to find peace and happiness.

Loving yourself is the grandest choice to bring positivity into your existence. Don’t be concerned for the thoughts of others, even your family. This journey is your own and not the path of anyone else. Your cry for freedom has become a cry for action. Do what you feel is for your best interest. A life is a solitary mission. You begin in a group with family, but once the “schooling” is complete, to succeed, you must venture forth into uncharted waters.

Your future is what you seek to manifest. You already know how powerful you are to weather your family life. Now is the time to decide what you want and to go out and get it. Visualize your perfect position in the world, the life you want to develop to learn more about yourself, and then put the positive energy into creating that world.

Out of control

Tuesday, December 18th, 2012

QUESTION: Masters, I have been struggling mentally and emotionally. I feel like I have lost myself. There is a growing distance between me and my friends. I feel like I do not want to talk much to anyone and yet deep inside, I crave company. I do not quite understand what I need or want from people. My best friend, who I treasure very much and have special feelings for, has been having frequent misunderstandings and fights with me. I fear for the life of our friendship because it is something that I want to keep till the day I die. I hope you will shed some light on my life experiences and my relationship with her. Despite all the obstacles that we have faced, why is that now she seems to be distancing herself from me? Or is it simply my distorted view of life? ~V, Singapore

ANSWER: You have turned yourself into a victim feeling beaten and betrayed by your former friends. Your world has turned into me, me, and me. Your distancing from friends is because they were tired of the insistent talk about yourself and what you thought you deserved which was not coming to you. The company you crave is on your own terms and you run away from normal interactive exchanges with others where everyone shares the spotlight.

Your special friend is to a saturation point of your negative talk about things that yo don’t find beneficial to you. She is confused because you are no longer the person she befriended so long ago. Your open sharing has disappeared and a self-interest has taken its place. Your disagreements stem from you no longer wishing to give any respect to her opinions and desires if they vary from yours.

Your view of life has become distorted because you choose to only look at things with tunnel vision goggles. These glasses only take into consideration your thoughts, desires, and feelings. Continuing to live with these in place will drive away anyone who would communicate or try to interact with you. It is time to take off the goggles. Look around you 360 degrees. See how the rest of the world is dealing with the same issues which face you. Understand that in order to work with others you have to compromise and not always be the one who makes all the decisions. The choice to do this or not is up to you.

Hold my hand and lead me

Tuesday, December 18th, 2012

QUESTION: Masters, for the past two years I have been feeling outside of myself lost, sad, depressed and at the same time so hopeful and spiritual. I came across some books that were brought to me about our spiritual journey in this beautiful life that we have and they have changed my life forever. Still I feel like I am not at ease as if I need someone to guide me to that peaceful place that I long to be in. Why am I feeling this way? What am I to do to fulfill that feeling of being part of something way bigger than me? I feel I need to be helping someone or saving the world. I also have these deep longing feelings of love for a friend who is in a very unfortunate situation and I feel like I must help him no matter what. ~Liliana, USA

ANSWER: Your see yourself as a dependent type person who does not wish to take responsibility for your actions. That is why you crave to have someone lead you and make the decisions for you so that if you are unhappy with the results it is not your fault but the one who led you. This is a possibility but it is the opposite of spiritual growth.

To grow in awareness of your soul and your journey here to Earth you must first accept that you have total freedom of choice for all decisions in life. Without exercising these choices you are not learning the power that is within.

You were drawn to the literature, not as a unique pattern for the development of your soul but merely as an example of one way it may be done. Everyone’s experience is different. It is for that reason that each soul must make their own decisions in order to grow in understanding and wisdom.

The person you need to be helping right now is yourself. You cannot help or love another beyond the extent to which you help and love yourself particularly the man to whom you are drawn. Find that peaceful place you seek inside you in the unconditional love energy which is the soul that animates your human body. Shut off all distractions and noises and search within for that quiet place. It takes work, solitary work. Someone else is not going to be able to do it for you. Once you find your essence you are part of a bigger thing – the universe!