Realizing the choices

QUESTION: Masters, while I know that everything is fleeting, I’m extremely upset. My father only attracts negative energy for him and the whole family. We strive, giving love, and he is always grumpy and complaining about our good deeds. He is difficult and selfish. He just does not want me to buy a house in the city where I work. I daily face difficulties in walking and I don’t have privacy in my life. I need to change this, but I feel that has opposing forces trying to attack me in every way. I learned to love myself and fight for my ideals with my own efforts. And this cry for freedom, no one else can take me … I would like to know about both my professional life and affective well. ~Luna, Brazil

ANSWER: You are a beautiful, loving, and strong soul. Your journey of life has brought you many realizations. You are acutely aware of the difference between negative and positive energies and feel a discomfort in the presence of negativity. You are able to identify it as negativity and not just an unpleasant disposition of another. The fact that it emanates from your father normally makes it even more difficult to identify because it frequently is part of the learning of belief systems one receives from their parents.

Continue to live your own life. Discard the beliefs that don’t serve you and make the choices which allow you to move forward. The opposing forces you feel are the negative and positive energies battling for your attention. The negative will make you surly, unhappy, and complaining about everything you attempt. The positive energies will reinforce your decisions and allow you to find peace and happiness.

Loving yourself is the grandest choice to bring positivity into your existence. Don’t be concerned for the thoughts of others, even your family. This journey is your own and not the path of anyone else. Your cry for freedom has become a cry for action. Do what you feel is for your best interest. A life is a solitary mission. You begin in a group with family, but once the “schooling” is complete, to succeed, you must venture forth into uncharted waters.

Your future is what you seek to manifest. You already know how powerful you are to weather your family life. Now is the time to decide what you want and to go out and get it. Visualize your perfect position in the world, the life you want to develop to learn more about yourself, and then put the positive energy into creating that world.