Spiritual advancement and weight

QUESTION: Masters, according to many trusted sources: the higher we advance on a spiritual level, the higher the vibration of our physical bodies, the more akin to fluid-like spiritual energies we become. In consideration of the above fact, I would like to ask the Masters – since age 7/8 I have battled with over eating and at periods, have had an apparent inner drive to eat far more than is normal – my weight has never got to critical danger level but it appears to be a reoccurring issue in my life. Is this part of my life lesson? Is there any correlation between obesity and lack of desire to raise one’s vibration? ~Neil, UK

ANSWER: “Higher” is a judgment. What most spiritual people are referring to is the fact that Earth energy is both positive and negative and therefore very dense. As you remove yourself from judging things and let go of negativity, you become “lighter,” which has been referred to as raising your vibration. It is something your physical body can feel if you are conscious of your own energy. Embroiled in negative dramas, you will feel very heavy and held down. When releasing negativity and connecting with positive unconditional love energy, you feel like you can fly right up off the planet and circle around in space.

Some souls get so disconnected with their physical bodies that they will begin to drift out of their physical connection and need to use a conscious effort or some assistance such as crystals to remain in control of the contact. On an unconscious level, sometimes the body itself will feel a need to maintain contact with the Earth, so it will add ballast to keep it heavy enough to not have to worry about losing contact. This frequently takes the form of putting on physical weight.

Obesity and raising one’s vibration have no connection whatsoever. The soul leaving the third-dimensional negative world is not hindered by the size of the body because the body does not go with the soul. The soul is energy and has a body just to contain it for the functioning of the lessons in this world. Once the soul departs, the body is like a discarded set of old clothing.