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Confusion about self-love

Tuesday, December 4th, 2012

QUESTION: Masters, in my childhood my other grandma was the most important person in my life, for some reason I always loved her more than my parents. She passed away when I was four, 30 years ago, still I feel she is watching me. Is she one of my guides? Also, I’ve had difficult times in the past but for a few years I’ve felt happy and getting all I ask in a spiritual way, I’m very thankful for that! I would still love to get a family: do I have my heart open enough or should I work more to the direction of unconditional love and try to forget myself more? ~Ilona, Finland

ANSWER: Your grandmother is a soul mate of yours. You have spent many lifetimes together and she is always watching over you. Your continued energetic connection to her makes it easy to love her. Your difficulty is that spending so much of your love on one who is at Home depletes the amount you have for those who are sharing this active life with you.

The journey you are on is one of self-discovery and self-love. You should first have unconditional love for yourself and everything that defines your life, rather than transferring it to others. You can only love another individual to the degree and extent that you love yourself. Despise yourself and you will always find things wrong with others.

To find you attractive, a lover must see that you are capable of loving life and creating a happy environment. You have plenty of time to attract a lover with whom to produce a family. You know how to manifest your desires because you have succeeded in the past. Concentrate on perfecting a love that you can share with a partner and little ones. That does not mean loving yourself less.

You can definitely not forget yourself and still project to another that you are that person’s right one. As an example of how happy you will make your lover, you must show the person how happy you are with yourself and your abilities. Start seeing a new life for yourself that includes a family. Put your intention into producing this scenario and it will come into being.

Drug addiction as a way of life

Tuesday, December 4th, 2012

QUESTION: Masters, as HIV positive (16 years), and as a relatively ok functioning drug addict with big social issues, I’m afraid I’ll be alone the rest of my life, and that I’ll never get out of this “life.” Can you see anything good coming my way anytime soon! I`m desperate for some answers! ~Karen Deanna, Norway

ANSWER: People like to spend time with those who have the same interests in life as themselves. If you continue in your life as just an ok person, you will never attract other than just ok people into your life. If you continue to exist as an addicted person who spends more time outside reality than trying to deal with reality, you will never know what normal people do in their life.

Unless you decide that you want to and can be a totally functioning being in society, you will always be unable to join in with others. You are at a point where you are starting to ask questions about the future instead of just taking another “hit” and zoning out. This life you have chosen is not carved in stone. You have freedom of choice to go another direction. It is not going to be easy but it is possible.

There are many organizations out there that work with people in your situation. They only want committed individuals. When you are ready to change your way of living so that you may get out of your present life style, seek them out. No one is going to make these decisions for you. It is all up to you. You have been weak and lazy in the past, but all that has just hidden the strength you have inside. Tap into that power and begin a new life with people with whom you can share your dreams.

This can be the beginning of a whole new existence. Nothing is right or wrong in human lifetimes—you just have varying experiences. You know what your life will be like if you continue on as you have been, but anything is possible if you change direction. You do have the choice.

Souls at Home

Tuesday, December 4th, 2012

QUESTIONS: 1). Masters, was the historical figure known as “Alexander the Great” considered great or not great after he died during his life review in the spirit world? I’m just curious to see what happened to him after he died, because he is an interesting historical figure. ~Jim, USA

2). Masters, when I record video in my house, I see many balls of light zooming around. Most are white, but some are blue. They move at various speeds, often change direction and some appear to blink. What are they? Is it possible to interact with them? ~Kim, USA

ANSWERS: Once a soul who has lived through a physical lifetime goes back Home, it is amorphous energy existing in unconditional love. The only place where you can find negative and positive feelings is on planet Earth. The only place where judgment exists is in the egos of souls having physical lives on Earth.

Souls who are newly returned or transitioned, having gone through the death process, come from a place where they are used to judging and being judged into a place where everything is acceptance. No thoughts, words, or descriptions are used that imply that one soul is any better or worse than any other soul. “Great” is a description that has meaning only in the negative/positive world.

Once souls have returned, and while they are deciding what they might like to do next, they wander around observing. This is the way they are able to find things they might like to try themselves as a next lifetime. The physical body you inhabit at this time is a complicated complex of skin, organs, systems, etc. A soul has the ability to construct a body, but it takes a lot of time and effort. Most find it easier just to “will” themselves from one place to another in their energetic being.

Most souls traveling around will encapsulate—i.e., create a form, generally a circle, around their essence so it is like a vehicle in which to move. These are generally referred to by those who see them as orbs. They are not readily seen with the naked eye because they are energetic and in a slightly different wavelength from human sight. They can be captured with digital cameras because the pixels catch the disturbances in the atmosphere.

It is possible to sometimes see faces or figures, geometric and pictorial, in these orbs. Occasionally you will even observe several faces where souls have chosen to travel with a friend. The souls on the other side have the same freedom of choice as souls spending a life down here. They can do as they want. Curiosity is what brings them to a place, and if it is highly energetic—whether from personal intention, the enlightenment practiced within, or a gathering of people—they may come in droves.