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Why me?

Tuesday, October 2nd, 2012

QUESTION: Masters, I know I have come here to be a healer, my true vocation, and do, in a certain way, work professionally, but I am finding it hard to position myself. I find it difficult to promote myself. I am tired of reading endless marketing hype. I live alone, struggle financially and seem to spend most of my time procrastinating. What is holding me back? What am I waiting for? When I do treat people, they respond in a very positive way. I am feeling truly lost at this time. ~Jane, Spain

ANSWER: What is holding you back? You are! It is easier to do nothing and talk about it than to take a few steps and do something. Your life lessons include connecting with your strength and moving forward. To do that, you have to love yourself. Why, you ask? Because if you don’t love yourself, you don’t think you deserve to accomplish anything, and so you sit back like a helpless victim and talk about how you can’t do anything.

Start with the basics of who you are. You are a piece of Source—all powerful, all magnificent, all knowing. You create the world that you live in. If you see negativity, you create negativity. If you see failure, you draw failure to you. If you think you have to get advice constantly from others, and they say what you already know, it confirms for you that you can’t move forward. If you don’t have confidence in yourself to get clients, you will be in a financial struggle.

You are a healer. You have been a healer in many past lives. That is not your problem. Your problem is your belief in your abilities. You question that you can help people until you actually do and the result is fantastic (if the client is on board with being healed).

Stop spending time “thinking.” Start sending out positive energy to those who can use your ability. They will find you. Begin with affirmations concerning your expertise. That will be easy to do without having to get too far away from your procrastination. When the statements ignite a fire in you to work, the energy you have sent out for work will bring in results. You will want to service those who come to you, and you will develop a new belief system full of success.

Can’t let go

Tuesday, October 2nd, 2012

QUESTION: Masters, a few years ago I was in a relationship with a man, my soul mate, he left me and soon found another woman. I admit it was hard for me to let go of him. However whenever I decided to end the contact with him, he kept coming back with emails and questions. It was hard for me to cut it off because even if I try to not give him much in the emails, I still reply. Knowing he is not honest with me, why does he do that? Why does he keep coming back? Am I helping his wounded ego? And is he sending me emails whenever he is unhappy in his relationship? Because sometimes it feels to me like it’s this way. ~Malgorzata, Poland

ANSWER: You had a relationship with a control freak who, when you exerted a little reluctance about his way of doing things, moved on to easier pastures. But he knew from the time you spent together that you were so unsure of yourself that he could still dangle his charms in front of you and you would be unable to resist. And you played right along with him as you responded to his fishing to see if he could still keep you hooked on his line. You even accept his lies, knowing that he is untruthful, when he says he still loves you and would like to see you. He is playing with you just because he can. It is an ego thing—that he is the boss in this situation.

You desperately need to be needed and loved. The attention you got from him you took as love. It was not; it was control. He still dangles contact because he knows you will be there at his feet like a faithful dog, awaiting a pat on your head. You and the woman he went to are not the only women he has attached to him by manipulation strings. It is much easier for him to have a stable via the Internet. He can entertain himself with letters when he is bored or wants to feel the big man.

This is a valuable lesson you are going through. It is neither right nor wrong either to stop it now or carry on longer. Please start going into your feelings and see what this is doing to you. Honor your life and path. You are still blaming yourself for the bad feelings you have. Get rid of the guilt—this is a two-way street. He is insecure and makes himself feel better by having others do his bidding. You don’t have to play along; he can continue having an effect upon you only if you allow it.

Life lessons playing out

Tuesday, October 2nd, 2012

QUESTION: Masters, I stay with my mother, father, wife and daughter. These days, conflict between me and my mother is extreme. From my childhood, I never liked my mother being over supportive to her sisters/brothers & their children. Whenever I tried to oppose her, I was pushed back and suppressed since I was kid. My father was also supporting her. Now since my father is suffering from paralysis and cannot work more, I am taking most decisions and do work related to my family, property, money etc. She always puts hurdles for what I decide and wants me to do the things which she wants, with which I do not agree. Please advise why we both are behaving in such manner and why our decisions never match. Does this relate with any past life issue? When this will come to an end? ~Rajkumar, India

ANSWER:  You chose this life plan to learn that it is impossible to control anyone else unless they allow it, and that you have to respect what others choose as their lesson plan. Your mother is a very insecure woman. She thinks that others will like or love her only if she does things for them. This does not relate to you in her mind because she thinks a child will always love his parent, so she has always catered to her family members over you to get their acceptance. Your father desperately wants her to be happy, so he defers to her wishes.

Your decision right now is how much interference you want to put up with in the family dealings. One of your lessons is self-confidence and not caring what others say about what you do. You have a history of despising your mother’s family because they got what you felt was your entitlement. You are jealous of the past and are overly sensitive now to the present.

Your mother feels she will lose the love of her family if she doesn’t continue what she has done in the past. She does not realize the financial situation has changed because of your father’s condition. She is like a river that is firmly in its channel. The spring floods come and it tries to stay where it has been in the past but is gradually being edged into a different path. Give her some time.

How firm you are with her is up to you. This is a lesson for you, and you have total freedom of choice as to how long it lasts. If you feel you are in the right, since it is now your responsibility to take care of things, don’t let interference push you out of the required track. This is not a carryover from a past life. This will come to an end for you when you resolve not to let it bother you any longer.