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From the frying pan into the fire

Tuesday, August 16th, 2011

QUESTION: Masters, I am divorcing soon and have struggled with this decision but it is done. I have a male friend of 18 years and I have always had a strong connection to him. I wonder now if he was more than just a friend and I never realized it. Unfortunately he is now incarcerated and I am worried what others might think. Am I on the right path since my marriage didn’t go so well? I am so confused. I wish to unblock myself of anything that is hurting me, heal myself, develop helping abilities, and find my life purpose. ~Michelle, USA

ANSWER: Your life’s purpose is to discover as much about your essence, your soul energy, as you can while you are in your human body. Discovering why your marriage did not work and that it was time to move on was all about learning one of those lessons. It took finding out your husband had been controlling you to make you see there were other ways to live.

During the time of your marriage he made most of the decisions, whether or not you agreed; as a matter of fact, you had no say at all. Once you accepted that you could choose what you felt was best for you, you understood the need to remove yourself from his control. This was not a failed marriage but an experience from which you learned more about yourself.

Since you have always been in situations where someone has told you what to do—your family, then your husband—you feel lonely and “needy.” Your thoughts about and infatuation with your male friend are merely your belief that you need someone, a male, to tell you what to do. You have never had to take total responsibility for your life. Assuming responsibility for all aspects of your existence is a new lesson for you to work through.

You need “alone” time to go into your feelings and see what blockages are within you. If you constantly run and hide or have others around to make the decisions, you will never be able to see the things upon which you need to work. The first step in your healing is awareness. Awareness is impossible if you cannot feel and see yourself because you are in the shadow of another.

Your friend is nothing more than that. And caring what others might think if you do something your feelings say is right for you says that those people know better what is right for you than you know yourself. Follow your own feelings and forget what others say.

Dulled nerve endings

Tuesday, August 16th, 2011

QUESTION: Masters, all my life I have had a problem feeling sexual energy. I had a lot of therapies and healing sessions but I can hardly feel my sexual energy and it gives me a feeling of sadness because making love does not affect me at all. Can you please advise me or tell me why this is? ~Johanna, Holland

ANSWER: One of the lessons you came to Earth to experience has to do with learning all about the different types of love. When the body thinks that romantic, sexual love is the ultimate, all else pales by comparison. Granted, the momentary physical bliss that may be experienced at the time of orgasm is one of the most dynamic neurological sensations of which the body is capable, and one of the reasons some souls incarnate.

The Earth journey is not just about the ability to achieve stimulation of the nerves in the sexual parts of the body. Many life lessons occur with bodies that are incapable of any sensations in that area, and working through the angst that fact   creates is the test.

A total love between two people is one that is unconditional and sharing and in which sexual sensation is unimportant. The purest of loves is the kind experienced at Home with the Source. There you have no body and therefore the sensation you crave does not exist—being incapable of being produced anywhere other than on Earth. Yet at Home you are continually in bliss, not just for a few moments, without needing a physiological response.

There are a lot of things each human sees or hears that others have done and would like to duplicate. Many people dream of being a star athlete, yet their bodies are not designed for sports. They are still complete humans and dedicate their life to other activities such as music or art.

You have fallen prey to all the hype about romantic love being necessary for a fulfilling lifetime. You planned, however, to see what it would be like to be different from the masses. Your lesson is to accept who you are and find ways to satisfy your needs in some other form.

Race differences

Tuesday, August 16th, 2011

QUESTION: Masters, please tell us about the five races of humans: Aryans, Nordics, Orientals, African and North Americans. What have they accomplished individually and collectively by their spiritual advancement to undo the divisions created by all the religions collectively and individually? ~Neelu, UK

ANSWER: According to your scientific experts there is only one race on your planet: homo sapiens sapiens. Humans have this need either to feel a part of a group or to be distinguished from a group. All souls in human bodies have the same essence and the same purpose to learn about their essence and to gather wisdom for future ventures.

You may differentiate among groups of people based upon genetic divergences that create various facial features and skin tones. Further distinctions arise through cultural influences of philosophy, religious ideas, and societal requirements.

You are asking us to do the impossible: divide the population by non-existent differences that are actually propensities and not mandatory classifications reflecting separations or distinctions from Asia to Africa to Europe or America. It is also impossible to say that all people with the same genetic markers (causing facial and skin variations) ascribe to a similar philosophy or religion, or think or act in the same way.

There is no single or easily divisible group consciousness within these seemingly recognizable distinctions. A vocal minority popping up in one of these groups and drawing attention to their platform might seem like “aliens” compared with the rest of the same group, because all those who share the same distinguishable characteristics will never agree on one manner of doing things.

We ask you to think about this: did Albert Einstein, Mahatma Gandhi, Mother Teresa, or Adolph Hitler do what they did because they were part of a recognized “race”? Or were they souls who chose to be born in a particular part of the world and at a time that allowed them to meet the challenges they sought?