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Dimensions explained

Tuesday, August 9th, 2011

QUESTION: Masters, if the third and fourth dimensions are of judgment while the fifth is of unconditional love, what characterize the sixth dimension, seventh dimension and so on? What are some of the things that souls do in these higher dimensions? As individual souls move into higher dimensions, do they begin to lose their individuality and function more as a group—as an oversoul, for instance? According to the Masters’ classification, what is the highest dimension, or is there an infinite number of dimensions? ~Lee, Singapore

ANSWER: We don’t use numbers herethings just are as they are. When we speak to you and answer your questions, we try to use examples that will give you a better feel for the concepts. In our particular dialogues with you we refer only to three dimensions, for simplicity’s sake.

We know that part of your human understanding encompasses grading and compartmentalizing. For this reason we refer to the general class of souls in physical bodies enmeshed in the duality process as being in a judgmental third dimension. The judgment allows them to learn their lessons by choosing between positive and negative experiences. They are unaware of their eternal essence.

The fifth dimension we speak of represents the point at which the soul has broken all contact with the physical and its duality and has re-entered into non-judgmental unconditional love. Once in unconditional love the soul follows whatever inclination interests it. There is no “standard”no requirements and no restrictions. More later.

The fourth dimension is sometimes divided into many parts by people. This is the interface between being completely physical and being completely non-physical, whether or not still contained within a physical shell. If a soul learns its lessons and begins to remember its unconditionally loving essence while still “alive,” it spends part of its time dealing with physical issues demanding judgment, and part enjoying its essence. If a soul leaves its body but clings to the negative energies of Earth, it cannot fully release and enter the fifth dimension of love until it resolves the need for negativity. These souls are discarnates. We could, as some do, label this level with multiple numbers, but we chose one to indicate a layer of interface.

To us, all that we have addressed here is merely the journey of the soul. Let us use as an example your homeland of Asia. Say “Asia” to some and they think only of the larger nations: China, India, Mongolia, Pakistan; others think of Southeast Asia: Singapore, Philippines, Thailand, and Indonesia. To be present in any of these, or the other Asian countries, is to be in Asia. Does it matter which one you are in to consider yourself Asian? None is any better than any other for allowing the life lessons one came to Earth to complete. Where you are in the dimension of unconditional love is identical, and you even have the ability to be in more than one place at a time.

What we are trying to get across is “don’t sweat the small stuff”like numbers. Once you are out of judgment, you are out of the need to know. You still have full freedom of choice, so you may choose to embrace a solitary journey or to meld into a group experience. And to get into something and decide to re-examine something you saw before, just slide right back into the former. There are no rules. There is no prize for getting as far away from the physical as you can. As to numbers, pick oneit is your reality.

Finns and drinking

Tuesday, August 9th, 2011

QUESTION: Masters, I live in Finland and here people drink a lot. Why is that? It causes so much sorrow. Also my husband drinks, too much in my mind, and I’m quite angry at him because of that. He wants to drink less but can’t do it. Is he just weak or why does he drink? I stopped drinking a year ago and now I see how much it hinders living a good life. I so much want everybody to get rid of that addiction and start to live life as it could be lived! ~Marja, Finland

ANSWER: Some Finns do drink a lot. Statistics show that about 10% of the population consumes almost 50% of the liquor. Consumption has increased steadily over the last 40 years, but since the drop in taxes that reduced prices 22% in 2004, drinking has skyrocketed. With the increase in drinking has come medical implications. More people die from alcohol abuse and complications than from cardiac diseases or cancer.

Alcoholism or addiction problems are life lessons chosen by the soul before coming to Earth. In order to experience this lesson, you made the choice to enter the planet in a position that set the conditions all around you. Learning that you have the choice to quit, as you did, is the lesson. All such souls must go through the process of understanding why they are afflicted, know that they can change, and then take the steps necessary. Your desires for your husband can support him, but the decision to make the final choice away from alcohol is his.

These lessons rarely come alone. It is common to have issues of self-confidence, self-worth, not loving oneself, or fear as a secondary problem. Help your husband to understand why he needs to drink. He is running away from other feelings that possess him. Dealing with his feelings will replace his liquor need.


Need to know

Tuesday, August 9th, 2011

QUESTION: Masters I was advised to move but one question would make me make the decision. I want to know if my husband was chaste before marrying me, whether he liked someone more than me. It may sound silly but it shapes my future because everything with him seems to be hard work for me as he is never satisfied and always complaining. Please advise. ~Hannah, New Zealand

ANSWER: Your question is not really about him but about you and your insecurities. You have given your husband control over how you see yourself and what you feel. Stop it right now and decide if you want to live your own life or still be controlled. If you are truly going to move and leave your husband, look only to the present and the future and keep the past from holding you back.

If your move includes your husband, then why torture yourself with what might have been? Your insecurities will not lessen if you learn the truth, whether you interpret it as positive or negative. What another says or does cannot hurt you unless you allow it to do so.

Start to be your own person. Do things because you want to do them. In dealing with other people, there can only be a fight if you partake. If someone starts a fight, walk away or refuse to engage in the fracas. The only person you need to satisfy is you. If you do the best you can in a situation, how could you have done any better? Even if others disagree with your opinion, you know the truthlet that knowledge be your security.

Your husband is a very negative person. He does not enjoy being with positive people. Be a positive person by always seeing the good in every event and he will change if it feels good to him, or he will want to be as far away from you as possible. You don’t need to know about the past. Live in the now; visualize a fantastic future.