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You are all in life together

Tuesday, July 19th, 2011

QUESTION: Masters, I am an atheist. I do believe in reincarnation, due to my memories when I was inside my mother. I do believe in a sort of spiritual world, like “Brahma.” I just don’t believe in God-Creator. I have a lot of experience and thinking that makes me believe there has to be a world outside of this human realm. I’m a girl, and I feel like this life has a lot of anger, hatred, and discrimination against females. Why is that, when the females are the mothers of life? What kind of sick game is this world playing? And what is my job here—playing along with it? I have a very pessimistic view that discrimination will never end, and there will still be sufferings. Please tell me what you think of it. ~Anh, USA

ANSWER: For our readers, we would like to say that atheists simply do not believe in the existence of deities or gods. From this definition you can see that the majority of our teachings would fall into this classification since all souls are the same with none being any better than any other. Reincarnation is the process souls choose to go through to occupy their time since they never die. God-Creator as the religions teach is a judgmental ruling deity who punishes those who don’t follow its teachings. Brahma is a deity who is a creator.

When a soul chooses to incarnate it selects a series of lessons to help it understand what powers it has the ability to bring to Earth if it can remember its essence. The first decision made before entering a body is what gender it wants to experience. The world is predominately male oriented at this time because of the fact that most government and business positions are held by males. Non-emotionalism is seen to be strength. So those souls in positions of power stress the male, macho parts of themselves, suppressing their emotional or “female” aspect.

Your “job” here is to work with the position in which you find yourself and see why the situation angers you so much. You chose lessons of self-worth: not being good enough, not accepting your position in life, being discriminated against, and holding on to anger. You must understand why these things affect you so much and turn them into positive learning experiences. Don’t let other people’s lessons of control, domination, and negativity influence you. You came willingly into Earth’s duality of positive and negative; use it to your advantage.

Parent’s role

Tuesday, July 19th, 2011

QUESTION: Masters, I have been troubled by the relationship with my son. It appeared all good, he was my sole joy & purpose, but things have changed starting 4 or 5 years ago. He has become someone I don’t understand with unacceptable behaviors. We discussed & quarreled with harsh words but nothing seems really changed. It becomes really unbearable & miserable that I almost wanted to give it up. I tried hard to let him know the “wrong-doings” and he appeared agreeing. What is driving me is that mistakes are repeated; perhaps they are not mistakes/ wrong to him in the first place. I know it might be something for me to work on, but cannot figure out how & why. I know my mother instinct loves him unconditionally (therefore the responsibility to right the wrong), but I also know my conscious mind “hates” the “him” that my son has become. I know every soul (including children) is responsible for their own spiritual growth, but what is a parent’s role in this process? ~Diana, Singapore

ANSWER: The instinct and unconditional love for her offspring is a human emotion that presents many life lessons for a mother. You are absolutely correct that each soul is only responsible for its own spiritual growth. One of your life lessons is to give up your need to control. It is based on your love for your son, but the life he is leading is still his.

Parents’ role in society is to teach their children to be good citizens and the difference between right and wrong. Society implies that parents should have enough influence on their children to control their behavior, which is just not true. All people have the freedom of choice to do exactly what they desire regardless of their education or the desires of society or family.

Your son is testing his wings. He is learning about responsibility by making his own decisions and working with the consequences. If he did what you wanted him to do, he would be depending on you and giving up his life’s responsibility, saying you know better the lessons he chose than he does. He would not grow. Don’t stop advising him, but do stop blaming yourself, or becoming frustrated, when he doesn’t listen.

Look at the situation this way. Your son is putting together his life. You have written an instruction manual that gives step-by-step techniques to facilitate getting through life to the place you are now. He has chosen to disregard the manual and fumble his way through life. Send him love energy to see his way through the process.

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Tuesday, July 19th, 2011

QUESTION: Masters, I am an energy healer and lately I have met people with challenges like Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. I`ve been looking for information and it seems that no one really knows the core source/the emotion it started with. A lot of these people are struggling with being believed, especially teenagers. I really would like to know more about why this syndrome occurs. What IS the Chronic Fatigue Syndrome? And is there anything energy healing can do with it? ~Hege, Norway

[In compliance with US law, the Spirit Masters do not diagnose or prescribe for medical conditions. Readers may like to review details of the Masters’ booklet/ebook on healing.]

ANSWER: Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is more a definitionthe result of observed symptomsthan it is a single specific condition. As an energy healer your best help for the clients is to provide healing energy to them so that they may work out the causes of the condition. Healing energy is intelligent. You don’t have to direct it to a specific part of the body; it will find its way to the place it is needed.

With Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, patients become depressed because nothing seems to work, and frequently they are told they are malingering or just lazy. It is important to deal with the clients’ feelings about their condition. Teaching them to relax and discover exactly what they are feeling will help determine a focus point. Most just feel exhausted and don’t go past that idea. If they can feel their body, they may find aching joints, difficulty breathing, emotions such as not being good enough, or simply wanting to hide from their life because they are overwhelmed.

In any healing, the result is a combination of the healer or doctor and the clients and what they will accept or believe. If they do not feel they can get better they will continue as they are or even get worse. Gentle stretching and exercising with visualization will change the paradigm into which they have fallen. They must want to have more energy more than they want to be victims or hide from society.