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Soul groups

Tuesday, July 5th, 2011

QUESTION: Masters, I wonder if you would explain the structural nature of our soul groups for us please. I have several people I know to be in my soul group, but I doubt that their friends and families who they think to be in their soul group are in mine. Many thanks as always for your wise loving support. ~Hazel, UK

ANSWER: When a soul begins its own journey as a spark broken off from Source, it does so in a line with all the other souls becoming distinct at the same moment in time. These neighboring new souls form a group that is sometimes referred to as a monad. Humans like to call the closest members within this group their “soul group” or “soul mates,” which for practical application, may extend out to include a total of 144 souls.

Souls are broken off from Source in a continuous process, not in separate batches of 144. The “soul group” to which each soul belongs is computed as 71 to 72 souls broken off beforehand, and about the same number of souls broken off afterwards. Each individual soul is seen as being in the mid-point of its specific group of 144 souls, and therefore no other soul group has precisely the same membership.

Members of your soul group have various functions in your human travels. Some are on a parallel path with you and therefore easily fit into your numerous lives. Some choose rarely or never to come to Earth and you therefore see them only at Home. And then there are those who want to experience something on Earth at the same time you do which will complement your lesson or maybe even allow you to have the lesson. These are the souls with whom you make contracts.

Within your entire soul group you repeatedly make agreements to assist only about 12 to 24 of your 144 members. You may, however, at some time or other, have shared lives with many more of your group than the “usuals.” Humans want to think that anyone within a life where they are having an intense emotional experience is within their soul group. This is absolutely false!

For the sake of variety your soul likes to “play” with strangers, so it does not become bored. Frequently a soul mate with whom you have contracted to ensure you have a particular lesson will be the antagonist making your negative experience possible. Almost an even number of current-life soul mates will provide you with negative events as help produce positive ones.

Sharing a dream

Tuesday, July 5th, 2011

QUESTION: Masters, I dreamed of a famous singer who just recently passed. In my dream he showed me the most beautiful treasure boxes. He asked me if I would make them for people on Earth to give them a sense of the spiritual to create a peaceful environment—so I did. I’ve made over 70 boxes since then and his spirit has been all around me through his music. I’ve met people who knew him as a kid. I’ve been giving prophecy of events that he and I were supposed to encounter. This has been something I’ve never experienced before. I am certain I traveled to another dimension and met with him. ~Michelle, US

ANSWER: You have had a very profound experience in which you traveled to a non-physical dimension to meet your singer. This is not an unusual happening as most souls travel out of their bodies at night while the physical aspects of themselves are rejuvenating. Rest assured that all souls maintain a firm contact with their body or it would cease to function.

What has occurred in your life is that his request has become an obsession that has begun to control your life. You wish this contact to be much more than fulfilling a request. The boxes themselves represent the sharing of love, beauty, and peace ideals his soul has asked you to carry on. You have been living in that positive environment and it has brought to you other people who are, or were, as connected to him or influenced by him as you have been.

For you this energy has not been enough. You want to believe that if he had remained longer in physical form, you would have had a life together. He left exactly when he had planned to leave, and therefore would not have been around to do the things with you that you have been imagining.

Embrace the connection with his soul, but do so with an open mind not influenced by your imagination or by physical needs and desires. Your lesson here is to live your life within the physical limits of a body, being truthful and accepting of day-to- day interactions with those in other bodies with whom you are sharing Earth space.

When is enough enough?

Tuesday, July 5th, 2011

QUESTION: Masters, I have again unbearable pain in my teeth. It has been good enough several times, but then I don´t follow my inner guidance and don´t trust and be thankful and I go to the dentist one time too much and get it back. How can I be so stupid? Why don´t I remember that it can come back so easily? Why don´t I see when I can live and feel joy—and then stop? I somehow seem to focus too much on myself, when I already feel good, instead of something outside of me. So what should I focus on instead? How can I get well and my thoughts positive again, when I have fallen to this same hole so many times and it has taken a long time to get back up and feel anything else but pain? It feels terrible that I can´t trust myself. That I have so many times all of a sudden become blind and chosen wrong and only realized it afterwards. Help me, please. ~Susanna, Finland

ANSWER: You have the wrong idea about focusing on yourself. Your reason to come into a human body is to be able to identify with your essential qualities while in a physical nature, and this is possible only by focusing on yourself. When you begin to capture your essence of unconditional love it will show you the right direction to experience the remainder of your lessons.

The essence of which we speak is not of a physical nature but is rather your emotional and spiritual reaction to the daily activities in which you are involved. In most cases, when you focus internally, physical sensations are felt as an indication of continuing life lessons.

When you experience pain in your mouth you should ask: What lesson is this? Am I not fully enough aware of myself to see that the cause is emotional, such as when I clench my teeth so tightly it causes strain and pain? Negative thoughts are contributing to your stress. Most of these stem from a lack of self-confidence and self-worth.

Once you work on your inner problems, mostly how you perceive yourself, you will find self-love and will not need physical pain any longer to get your attention. Start first by being aware when the first negative image comes forth. Stop what you are doing and project the opposite, positive, idea to blot out the negative. Constantly reinforcing only positive energies creates a loving, gentle aura around you, and stress disappears.