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Talking to Spirits and Wicca

Tuesday, July 12th, 2011

QUESTION: Masters, I have been talking to a cute girl soul from the spirit world. Is it wrong to fall in love with this spirit or what? I can’t tell but she has been saying she loves me; is it possible for a soul to have feelings? I am getting a weird feeling for her. I can see and talk to spirits—my family call me the bridge between the human world and the spirit world. I’m part of the Wicca religiousness. I would like to know how do I control my powers so I don’t kill my family. I can see into the past and future too, but how can I do this without messing up the past or future? ~Ryan, US

ANSWER: You are in a very exciting period of your life where you haven’t become so set in your ways that you listen only to what those outside of you desire you to believe. You are experimenting, and you need validation for these experiences, particularly for what is not physically visible. Yes, you are communicating with a spirit who has placed in your head a picture of an extremely attractive female your age.

This soul is playing with you by seemingly providing you with the love interest you so desperately desire. It feels the amount of energy potential you possess and wants to find a way to get you to let it tap in and take that energy. It needs to move on because it is stuck between the physical world and the unconditional love of the universe. It remains out of desire to take from humans what it felt it was denied before it died.

The “powers” you enjoy are ones you have developed in past lives. You were a communicator, so the lines are still open between the dimensions. This is also what allows you to see past and future. You cannot affect the past because it is the same as watching old home movies. The future you see is what will happen if all the people involved continue with the intentions they have at this moment. If they change their mind, what you see as the future will change accordingly.

The premise of the Wicca religion is living a very peaceful, harmonious, and balanced way of life, promoting oneness with the divine and all that exists in nature. Most importantly, however, it teaches responsibility. Blame is not directed externally. The spells that are done involve healing, love, harmony, wisdom, and creativity. Every action involving the energies of nature and the universe is directed by your intention. If your intention is to do no harm, you will do no harm.

Newton and “walk-ins”

Tuesday, July 12th, 2011

QUESTION: Masters, I was wondering about the walk-in souls that are frequently referred to on this site as I am rather confused. Michael Newton, who has devoted the latter half of his life to LBL regression work, has never come across this in any way, shape, or form. Everything he has learnt points to the fact that it takes years for a soul to fully meld its energy vibrations with that of a host brain and that the eventual personality is a merging of the two. I have to say that this theory makes more sense to me than a soul just being able to “walk in” and pick up a body where another soul left off. I would be grateful for any light you could shed on this for me! ~ Vicki, Spain

ANSWER: Instances of one soul walking in to a pre-existing body are about as commonly seen on your planet as a near-extinct species. Of your current population of over seven billion souls incarnate, fewer than 100 are walk-ins at any one time, and, since they come in for a specific purpose, they are generally not around for vast amounts of time. Therefore, Michael Newton or any other hypnotist could spend over a thousand lifetimes regressing people and never come across a walk-in.

It does take people many years to find out that they are, first and foremost, a soul and to integrate the abilities they have worked so hard to learn both in this lifetime and in past lives into their awareness. This knowledge can only be proven to the human mind by what is reported through the host brain as you call it. The unconscious aspect of the physical person contributes to the characteristics and personality that are recognized by others as this individual or that person even before they accept their own behavior or have this integration of which you speak.

Food for thought: If it is accepted that we are all souls and come to Earth to have a physical experience, and this can be validated by LBL regression work, why would a substantial part of your time be spent trying to integrate into the physical brain if you are going to leave it behind when your body ceases to exist?

When do we begin making choices?

Tuesday, July 12th, 2011

QUESTION: Masters, I found a few astrology books that describe numerous combinations of destiny and relationships in detail with great examples. Looking at friends and family, the life paths led by them were really eerily as accurate as what was described in these books, including partnership choices. My job deals with people, their birthdates and intimate areas of their lives. My observations verify the descriptions in these books. It made me reflect that we are not able to actually escape the destiny that is planned for us. I just wonder: is it only with more spiritual advancement we are able to really choose? Or is it that our free will is not actually free will at all? Even if we have a choice, it’s choosing only between the two polarities in our ‘destiny’—like choosing not to be a leader when we could be doing so—but that person cannot choose to be a monk when it is not in the stars for him to even consider that. I believe now that our whole lives are orchestrated, yet suffering continues to be allowed in this whole play. Why? ~May Lynn, England

ANSWER: When you refer to “the destiny that is planned for us” you are forgetting that the planner was you, yourself. You desired to have the experiences that you have. Knowing the energies present during various planetary alignments, you chose to come to Earth at a time that would create the correct conditions for your desired lessons. Other variables were: where on the planet to come down, what cultural group to be a part of, what gender to be, and what belief systems your family would start you in.

The correlations you observe are a validation that the soul has set up its life to be exactly what was needed. But that is where the pre-planning ends. Why can’t someone decide to be a monk just because his initial path would seem to prohibit it? It is no different from choosing not to be a leader because he does not have confidence in his abilities. The soul has the ability to exercise freedom of choicewith one caveat: It needs to believe and know it has a choice. If you are unaware of your choices, you in fact have no choices. If you only follow those that you chose to start with, and do not see that you can get out of that pattern, you never will be able to leave. If you feel you can do whatever appeals to you, it then becomes possibleunless it goes against the life lessons you programmed.

Suffering comes into play because of those two polarities you mentioned. It alerts each soul to the lessons it sought to experience. The end of the suffering signals the completion of a task. Use the stars as a guide, as you would a road map, for the general destinations in your life. But still allow yourself to take some of the unmarked byways to find out your strengths and potentials.