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Two bites of the apple

Tuesday, June 14th, 2011

QUESTION: Masters, please advise me. My husband left me for his old girlfriend. Some 11-12 years ago they had a strange relationship. The relationship didn’t last long, she went back to her husband. Soon after this separation he met me and we fell passionately in love and married. During a rough period this old girlfriend pops up (June 2010) in financial trouble and he helps her with a substantial sum and even lets her work in the company. She has this strange spell over him and ends our marriage. Within a month of this he sets up a new life with her giving her virtually everything that I worked for, while we were married and living together. I am heartbroken, but am rebuilding my life and business looking forward to and aiming for success. My husband still wants me in his future. Why, what direction should I take? ~Carolien, The Netherlands

ANSWER: Your husband is a scared little boy who craves attention and control but feels more comfortable when someone is dominating him because then he has no responsibility. This girlfriend brings all kinds of emotional baggage from their first encounter into their life. She has hypnotized your husband willingly to control him as a puppet for her own desires.

She will bleed him dry of emotional responses, and when he wants to re-assume control if he draws on his strength within, she will walk away as she did before. She may also seek someone who is weaker than your husband and who has more resources available. Your husband wants you available for the future because he knows this present situation will not last. Don’t play second fiddle. Be the concertmaster of your own life—there are many harmonious players out there.

This is a time for you to discover your own power and abilities. You have been over-shadowed by your husband in the business world and now you may shine. You can create something far bigger and better than what you had. Tap into the intuitive abilities right beneath the surface. Create a vision for success, send the plan out to the universe, and be ready to receive.

Troubles of the world

Tuesday, June 14th, 2011

QUESTION: Masters, could you explain the “troubles of the world”? Why is the West so determined to control and invade sovereign countries for minerals and monies? What is the agenda of the powerful people of the world? Why is it that “natural” disasters seem to strike the poorer areas of the world and not the rich areas? I have read that the Earth resources cannot be sustained by 7 billion people so what is the outcome in the near future? What is the spiritual aspect of all this happening in the next few years? ~Gina, UK

ANSWER: Your question really asks why was the Earth created as a duality? You cannot learn how great you are as a soul unless you can experience what you are not—which equals “troubles of the world.” If the whole planet lived in peace and harmony, you could just as well stay Home where you could have the same experiences but wouldn’t have to nurture, groom, and care for a body.

The choices you make of what country to live in and what family to be a part of allow you input into various scenarios: rich, poor, working class, aristocrat, dominated, or dominator. You have tried all these and more. Your perception of the current world status is also dependent on your current position. Are you on the outside looking in or on the inside making policy?

When you look at the world as a whole you see stark contrasts. There are just as many natural disasters in rich areas of the world, but their housing is more secure and their ability to get aid more available. Japan, one of the richest nations, is an example.

The planet is 71% water and 29% land masses. Of the land area almost 11% is suitable to grow crops to sustain the people, but only 1 % of the available growing space is being used. There are vast regions of the planet that could be used to reduce overpopulation difficulties and increase production of food by 99%. Souls need to decide they want to move and work the land instead of being in technology and going to the market. It is the choices that people make to have their desired experiences that seemingly spells doom for the occupants.

Choices will tell the story of the planet. Everything on the Earth is part of someone’s spiritual path, frequently planned in conjunction with a small group or whole nations. It is playing out in a symphony of individual lessons, sometimes creating beautiful music and other times a chaotic cacophony.

Maintaining contact

Tuesday, June 14th, 2011

QUESTION: Masters, my son died in December 2008. He contacted me a few days after to let me know everything was ok; it was a very special feelingit was nice, lovely, impossible to describe exactly the good sensation I had. It would have been his 34th birthday today. Since then, I feel bad or sick every year for a few days around his birthday. This year I’m ok and without thinking of him I was unable to sleep last night and woke up many times during the night. This morning I realized something is going on here. Mother-child links are strong and maybe he is trying to communicate with me. Do you think he is having a message for me? If so, what could it be and how can I find it? ~Ginette, Canada

ANSWER: Your son loved you very much. You have shared several lifetimes together and one of the contracts you had for this life was for him to provide you with the lessons of abandonment, survivor’s guilt, and a physical sense of unconditional love.

One of the purest of physical sensations is the physical and emotional love possible between a parent and child, particularly the mother and child. She has carried and nurtured the child from the moment of conception until they are parted by some force or other. In most cases that love is unaffected by anything the child does—Mom is accepting of all foibles.

In human terms, parents are not supposed to out-live their children. When a child returns Home while the parent stays behind, the parent feels abandoned by their charge. It doesn’t matter if the child has not lived with them for decades—they are not supposed to inflict such pain on their parents. A longing begins to relive the days when the child was dependent.

Staying behind engenders a guilt that you have cheated fate and your child was taken instead of you. Why did you survive while he died? Digging into these feelings allows you to learn more about yourself. You will discover that all people are responsible for their own path, making choices both before coming and after arriving.

You have put a lot of work into integrating your lessons. Your son says, “Way to go, Mom!”