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Why spirit contact?

Tuesday, June 7th, 2011

QUESTION: Masters, for some years now I have been communicating daily with a very loving and beautiful spirit from the spirit world. I feel there is a very deep and strong bond of love between us. Right from the beginning this has been a very positive and light-filled encounter. We communicate through touch but I would so like to be able to communicate more with him but I don’t know how. I don’t seem to make much progress and I’m starting to wonder if I am perhaps blocking it out of some unconscious fears or doubts. I would also very much like to know why this spirit has reached out to me and what is the purpose of all this? Could it be that we are twin souls? Any advice and guidance from you is much appreciated. ~Anita, Finland

ANSWER: Spirits (souls from the light, or Home) come with the energy of the unconditional love in which they exist. All souls, including you, come from the same Source and contain the same basic energy. When a contact is made you are able to feel that oneness. If you get out of the way of physical appearances, this is possible to sense and feel even between two human beings.

When you planned your trip to Earth, some of your group of friends said they would stay in touch and try to help you remember a little about your abilities and prompt you when necessary. One of your fortes has been the ability to make contact through the dimensions from physical to non-physical. This is the start. Your friend is not your twin soul but a member of your soul group—or soul mate—who is helping out with your training.

You have it in your mind that communication means words, but it also includes thoughts and feelings. Experiment with your friend with these other forms of communication. Ask questions and feel the answers. You are blocking access because you have these preconceived ideas of verbalization. Spirits do not have vocal cords but have very powerful projective thoughts. Clear your mind of your thoughts and concepts and “talk” away.

Caught in a loop

Tuesday, June 7th, 2011

QUESTION: Masters, I was in a no-physical-contact long-distance relationship for decades with a man who pulled me close and held me away at the same time. I was fully aware that it was not a complete relationship, but I was raised to feel guilty and unworthy and we had a tremendously strong mental connection. I wasn’t sure I could expect more from love in my painful life. I broke it off years ago but he won’t stop stalking me. He told me he will never stop intruding in my life and won’t let me forget him. I admit I opened doors by sending condolences on his parents’ death, etc, but had no intention of going back to the half-existence of waiting for a man who seems to love me but has stolen years from me. I’m crazy patient by nature but finally realized I was losing myself, gathered my strength, and moved on. But he keeps hammering me with guilt about us having unfinished business to tie up and acts like he’s a hurt victim of my angry unfair behavior. Am I refusing to learn a lesson? Please tell me if I am mistaken in wanting to wish him well and move ahead with no further contact as I’d prefer to do, or am I destined to carry on like this with him for life, as he seems to wish, because of karma or whatever? ~Junie, Canada

ANSWER: Your existence is a perfect example of working through life lessons. Unfortunately for you, you have jumbled them all together in order to have a massive simultaneous experience instead of doing them one at a time. The premise you are working from is one of what you think about yourself. How do you accept who you are? Do you honor your own abilities or do you always acquiesce to the other person? And when a new example of the same lesson reappears, do you recognize it or have to start all over again at the beginning?

You have a need to be needed. It stems from not accepting the strengths that are within. The belief systems of your childhood have been closely guarded and retained by you. It is time to examine them and remove those that are no longer serving you. You cannot move forward when you cling to the past.

This man does not love you. He has never loved you for anything other than the gratification he receives from having you at his beck and call. He gets satisfaction from control and fear. He can sense when you have doubts or fears and it turns him on. He loves being a puppeteer. You took his communications as love and concern. This fulfilled your need for attention. But all you received was reinforcement of your built-in guilt and unworthiness. He was never a victim—you are.

Renew that strength which enabled you to break free before. You have nothing you can learn from him except how to distance yourself from his demands. Start ignoring him and any attempt to contact you. Erase the guilt he is trying to lay on you; see his actions for what they are: a desperate plea to allow him to further control your life. If you want a new existence cut him off cold—NO contact whatsoever, no acknowledgment that he even exists. He will eventually get the message. It will help if you block his emails and phone, and return any written communications. But it is still your choice.

Night fears

Tuesday, June 7th, 2011

QUESTION: Masters, I frequently have a sleep-walking type of nightmare where I wake up and I think people are in my bedroom for a period of time before I come to my senses (generally after getting out of bed and turning the light on to inspect the room). Recently it has been a figure above my bed, and a body within my mattress which was terrifying. Other times it’s a bit less extreme but invasion of my bedroom nonetheless. This has gone on for awhile now. Could you offer any explanation? Is it just stress? Thank You! ~Louisa: USA

ANSWER: You may call it sleep walking; we call it journeying while your body sleeps. The soul gets bored if it has to remain completely in your physical body while it is going through the necessary regeneration process (sleep). The solution for your soul is to maintain a minimal contact with the body to keep it alive and functioning and to go off and study other lessons and visit with friends.

If the consciousness of the body is aware during this process, it is called an out-of-body experience, or OBE. You rarely have these. Mostly your sensations are due to the fact that your body consciousness kicks in before your soul has completely re-integrated with your body. You retain a shadow of the spirits you have just been visiting as a prolonged retinal image in the physical part of you.

This is somewhat like an overlay of where you have been on top of where you are now. Think of stepping in front of a projector showing your vacation video on your body as you are doing the dishes or something in the present time. If you concentrate on your actions, you are in the kitchen. If your concentration is on the video, you are at the beach.

The only stress produced is your reaction to the event. These occurrences can do no physical harm to you. Relax, enjoy the videos, and see if you can remember who it is you are getting the last glimpse of as they fade away.