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How much is too much?

Wednesday, May 13th, 2009

QUESTION: Masters, I have a friend who has many challenges in her life, mostly revolving around her children, her money, and her cats. In the last four years or so, I have helped financially, definitely more than I should have, and now I am trying just to help with transportation, moral support, and love. However, she just keeps getting in deeper. I’m working on my own spiritual path and am trying to see this from a soul level. Many of the answers you have sent recently have helped me, but I’m at the point where I could use a little feedback as to my involvement in her life. I love her dearly and want to help in the best way for both of us.              ~Connie, USA

ANSWER: Humans have a need to be accepted and to do what they think society wants of them. This generally puts them into situations where they give, give, give always to others without a whole lot of thought about themselves. A scenario like this one allows some who are the recipients to avoid having to take responsibility for their own actions. They merrily go their reckless way while others come along and pick up the pieces strewn in their wake.

Your friend and her children chose each other knowing the characteristics each would have. When you step in, thinking that you are rescuing the children, you are enabling the mother. She never thinks out the consequences of her actions because someone will come and bail her out, or at least keep her afloat. The only way for her to get the picture is to sink on her own and find a way to come back to the surface. The children are observing how their mother behaves and are taking notes for later in their lives.

During the time you have been working to know your true self, you have realized some of the actions taking place. Each soul is responsible for learning the lessons it predetermined to experience. Each person must come to his or her own realization about those lessons, and really can’t do that unless the facts are faced. It is a lesson for you to decide how to handle the situation from here on out.

Honor the lessons she has set up. Send your best intentions to her for an easy resolution. She is going to have to take some tumbles before she can see what others have been keeping her from tackling.

Addiction factors

Wednesday, May 13th, 2009

QUESTION: Masters, I smoke marijuana and am trying very hard to stop. It seems the harder I try to stop, the more I smoke. Please, what energy is causing that? Please help me to get out of this habit.                                  ~Mark, Germany

ANSWER: Marijuana has become a friend, a comfortable hideout, escapism from the fear of your life. The mellow high and diminished sense of responsibility that the drug affords you, make it easy to continue running away from yourself. Whenever you don’t want to face anything you take the edge off your anxiety with a smoke. Feel a little fear of failure and the smoke will make you forget and not care.

When you try to stop smoking you fear that you will not be able to, so you take “one last smoke.” Then, after you get high, you get mad at yourself for doing it, for not having the courage to stop, so you hide from that shame in another cloud of smoke. Each broken promise to yourself makes you run deeper and deeper into the drug to get further away from facing the truth that you don’t have the courage to stop. The fact is you don’t really want to stop.

Your whole perception of the world for quite a while has been under the influence of a mind-altering drug. You are more fearful than ever because you have no idea what the world is really like, and that scares you to death. With your view of the world so skewed, you are unable to handle a total break from this drug without assistance.

Seek professional help either from a medical clinic, a drug counselor such as narcotics anonymous, or a hypnotherapist who will be able to let you access your sub-conscious mind, which isn’t tainted by the physical need your body has for this drug.

Ascension process

Wednesday, May 13th, 2009

QUESTION: Masters, can people attain the ascension state without having their kundalini rise? Can one ascend without having reached enlightenment? In which order does the soul experience these events? Will we experience them all?            ~Olive, UK

ANSWER: First it is important to discuss the terminology involved in this question. Many different groups and authors have used the terms ascension, kundalini, and enlightenment in a variety of ways, some of them contradicting their associates. For purposes of our answer we shall tell you how we are using the terms within this message: By ascension we mean the ability of the soul, while still contained within its physical body (incarnate or not having gone through a death process), to rise above the heavy third-dimensional energy of ego and negativity, into a state where it is possible to communicate with all the other souls who are not incarnate. They are fully able to access all the wisdom of the universe. When ascended, the soul has the choice to maintain its physical body or to shed it and be in its formless energetic condition. This takes place when the soul has completed its life lessons for that cycle. It may remain in contact with the Earth to be of service to other souls.

The kundalini is an energy of self (the soul or essence) which remains coiled within the body until acknowledged, and then is unhindered by human conflicts in its rise to aware consciousness. This may occur by stimulating the connection between yourself and Source energy or the universe, causing a connection with the unconditional love and bliss of your true state of being. It can be accomplished by working on oneself, or happens spontaneously as you complete your life lessons.

The process humans go through to reach the level of ascension, or a full kundalini rising, is referred to as “enlightenment.” People may be said to be enlightened, to a degree, when they have a knowledge and understanding of the essence of themselves, even if they have not gone all the way to ascension or bliss on Earth.

All souls are capable of reaching these stages during an incarnation if they have not burdened themselves with too many or complex learning experiences.