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Witnessing for another

Wednesday, May 6th, 2009

QUESTION: My older brother has been operated on for a cancerous tumor and now has been sent to a nursing home because they can’t do any more for him. He is unable to move his legs. Our whole family is too far away to be at his bedside and help him through this hard time. What can I do to help him?                                  ~Orquidea

ANSWER: Before souls come to Earth they make a series of contracts with other souls to share experiences with them. Your family has agreed with your brother that you will allow him to go through his chosen lessons without being able to personally attend to him. He is dealing with lessons of despair, abandonment, and helplessness. However, he is also learning to be able to feel the power of others who are seeking to console him by sending him energy.

Each of your other family members has entered an agreement to do something called “witnessing.” This is the action of standing back and observing the trials and tribulations that others are going through while sending them energy to help them find whatever is for their highest and greatest good. This helps them experience their lessons and also gain the knowledge available to turn it into wisdom.

You are a witness to your brother’s journey. Send him love and best wishes with your intentions. If he opens to the energy, he will be able to sense your power flowing to help him along his path. His next destination is in his own hands. Your energy will help him understand the possibilities.

What is time?

Wednesday, May 6th, 2009

QUESTION: Can you explain more about the nature of time? Perhaps an example can be useful. I know time is simultaneous but it is still a concept. How do you experience time?       ~Amrith

ANSWER: Time is a word that has many meanings on Earth. It basically describes a measurement used to understand a concept, such as how long it will take to grow an edible plant, or to travel from one spatial location to another. The premise is that these matters have a finite duration rather than an infinite one. You also have to be able to see the object in order to measure its movement and period of existence.

Humanity goes even further by recording past, present, and future occurrences using these measurements. When one talks about how long (in time) it took to get from one place to another in the past, how much shorter a period of time it takes now, and how it will be instantaneous in the future, one is using examples of time and, in the same instance, recording what one perceives as progress.

The soul and the energy around it that comprises the universe, are both infinite and therefore have no beginning, middle, or end points, so time does not exist for them. They are present in all that you on Earth see as time and in everything that has happened since your “time” began.

If a soul has experienced a human life and later wants to talk about the experience, it may do so in two different ways. Since time does not exist for the soul, it may concentrate its consciousness on the experience, and in so doing, jump back into the body and relive the exact moment in Earth time. Also, since the soul is not confined to a physical container (the body), it may split itself so it has all of its memories and knowledge intact, and reenter the body (where it has amnesia) with just a part of itself. The soul will still be able, with the remainder of itself, to  monitor all aspects of the lesson the body has chosen to learn.

We experience time by being everywhere at once. We are in your past, present, and future. We are in all locations at once. We observe time by observing the changes that occur in each of you as you are affected by the passage of time on your planet. We are able to slide from one of your time periods to another to see what choices you make and how they play out. You may look upon it as possessing an embedded recording device that has everything that has been, is, or will be. We merely scroll through to watch your life.

Monastic life in the middle of society

Wednesday, May 6th, 2009

QUESTION: I feel very lost and alone although I am a successful professional. I am overwhelmed with a pervasive sadness, almost as if I am in constant mourning. I realize that this is not a healthy way to approach life but I have chosen to isolate myself for several years now. I am completing an advanced degree but finishing the dissertation has been excruciatingly difficult for me. Through perseverance, I will be finished within a few days. Obviously, there are many lessons bound up in all of this, but could you please suggest a direction for me that will bring me some personal fulfillment and also help me focus outward instead of being so preoccupied with myself?                          ~Patricia

ANSWER: The life you are describing is an example of a monastic life dedicated to knowledge. It is only through isolation and discipline that the monks accomplished their great intellectual works. You were a monk in the past, and the situation with your studies and the workload have caused you to revert to that lifestyle of isolation in order to complete your degree.

Your sense of sadness, which has been increasing, is due to the fact that your current studies are at an end. You have no further justification for your cloistered living, and the sense that it is going to be a death for you is overwhelming. The old life work schedule is at an end, it is dead. The future is unknown, full of fear and anxiety, and you have no reference point from your life as a monk. You are mourning the comfortable discomfort of the past, while fearing the unknown ahead.

The preoccupation that you have been living in has not been directed inward. Had it been so, you would have sensed the energy core of your soul and found the love of self contained therein. Your direction has been to the box you inhabited defined by your activities. Because the box prevented you from interacting with the outside world it felt as if you were inner-directed.

Now is the time to search for that inner strength and warmth of unconditional love. Open yourself to the feelings that your success with knowledge has given you. Envision the possibilities for using that new learning and embrace the opportunities available. Enjoy the fruits of your labors and you will find your fulfillment.