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World conflicts and the soul

Wednesday, January 14th, 2009

QUESTION: Masters, you have told us that “good” and “bad” are human judgments which are peripheral to the soul in its incarnation journey. Does that mean that our unconditionally loving eternal soul may correctly choose, if it likes, to absolve itself from interest, involvement, or concern for others involved in the carnage in the current Gaza conflict?

ANSWER: You are correct: on a soul level we do not judge things to be good or bad. That does not mean that your soul while incarnate on the planet cannot sense the energy of society in judging things thusly. But it also means that a soul has the choice not to get involved in things outside its lesson plan. Such a non-interactive choice is not to be confused with refusing to be concerned or absolving oneself from any blame for not jumping into the fray.

The soul cannot have the full human experience unless it has an aspect of self that is ego based. If the soul remained completely bathed in unconditional love it could experience nothing. Some of the lessons that a soul chooses to learn deal with an interaction in the physical and emotional traumas impacting people around them. However, many soul lessons involve only the soul’s personal interactions with those around them.

When the soul lesson involves a larger group of players, this may lead to an investiture of time and funds to support one side or another in a conflict, actively protesting the actions of one group, or even diving physically into the conflict on behalf of one party. These must be the tests along the soul’s path or they become a diversion and will slow down the soul’s journey to wisdom. Some souls become so involved in this fashion they do not face the challenges they came to Earth to complete.

Remember, each soul makes its own choices. One soul cannot make choices for another. To get entwined in a conflict, speak out about it, or protest the actions of a group, may be part of a lesson in self-worth, or a recognition of your own power, or a refusal to be controlled by another, or even the experience of getting sucked up in a group hysteria.

Whatever the true reason for a soul’s activity, the worth may be evaluated by going inside and asking, “Why am I doing this? What do I seek to gain myself out of this action?” If the answer has to do with a lesson or emotion you are trying to understand, it is part of your journey. If the answer is to “show” those people, examine your motives because you are mirroring something you need to face about yourself.

Belt and/or suspenders

Wednesday, January 14th, 2009

QUESTION: Masters, when someone has been diagnosed with cancer, a typical treatment will employ radiation and chemotherapy which then depletes the immune system leaving them open to infection. Would it be better for that person to concentrate on holding in mind an unequivocal intention to be well, or to play it both ways and accept chemo in addition to energy work?

ANSWER: Medical doctors see only a disease afflicting their patient. Almost all are unaware that what debilitates the human body does so for the soul-growth of that person. Each element that places the body out of balance does so for the soul to learn what it is like to be unbalanced, and what is needed to bring it back into balance.

Your question cannot be answered without a consideration of the particular patient involved. Does the soul have a contract with family and friends to be a victim with whose illness they need to deal? Did the soul ask to be in a situation of believing punishment is deserved and so has called cancer in to be the instrument? Is the energetic imbalance, which the doctors are calling cancer, a learning experience for the soul dealing with faith and trust in one’s own divinity? Is the soul wishing to be at the mercy of others through enduring chemotherapy and radiation?

If this is a lesson in faith and trust in one’s own power, if the soul’s intention is strong enough, and no other lessons were involved, there would be no need for modern medical treatments. However, if people cannot rid themselves completely of the doubt in their own power, then the treatment would be suspenders for the gentlemen who are sure that their belt alone will not hold up their trousers!

Purpose in life

Wednesday, January 14th, 2009

QUESTION: Masters, I really only have one pressing question: what is my purpose in life? I fixate on this question constantly and am afraid, without the knowledge of the answer, I am walking the wrong path.

ANSWER: We get this same question in some variation constantly. Everyone feels that there must be one and only one purpose for their incarnating. When you were planning for a trip to Earth, you met with your council of advisors and discussed what lessons you wanted to learn. “Your purpose” is your reason for incarnating. This purpose is almost never a single thing you endeavor to experience but a series of things.

Once you enter into your human body you begin on your predetermined path, starting from the circumstances you had yourself born into, such as your birth family, whether the country was at peace or war, the family’s monetary condition, your sex and race. You further had preplanned contracts made with other souls to allow you to see different sides of living, which will appear at the appropriate time in your life.

But one thing is for certain: the one purpose you always incarnate with is to find what it is that you wanted to accomplish. If we told you the specifics of each lesson you had decided to do, you would be missing half the process. When you were in school, if the teacher just told you the answers to the questions without asking the questions, you would learn nothing. For us to tell you what purpose you had in mind would be the same. In other words, discovering “your purpose” is your purpose.