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Examining the resolutions

Wednesday, January 7th, 2009

Masters, thank you-I was absolutely blown away by the New Year’s resolutions that you published last week. They seem so simplistic, yet when I thought of the various ways to implement them in my life I was amazed at their complexity. Would it be possible to say a few words or give a few suggestions about reaching these goals?

We were chuckling to ourselves when we dictated the list to our channel Toni. This short selection of activities, with a few minor additions, encompasses the entirety of the Earth experience for the soul. While this has given us the idea that a short book expounding upon these statements is in order, in the meantime we will be happy to make some comments to assist you.

“To become aware of your true nature” is to connect with the unconditional love that resides within you. It is to be able to feel your soul, your connection to Source and to the Universe. With this knowledge also comes the ability to access what has come before in other incarnations, realized by knowledge from your Akashic (celestial) record. Many refer to this as the awakening of the soul within the human body.

“To love all souls sharing this journey with you even when you do not like the nature of their chosen path” is a realization that each soul has freedom of choice and chooses what to experience. Within these choices are a lot of things considered negative within the realm of Earth. No one likes the dictator, the egotist, or the controller if they impact one’s life. You must get to the point of seeing that their part is simply the choice they made for this lifetime and is not something that is done to give you a bad time. It is one of your contracts to be within their sphere of operation. Remember you are all the same and all from the same Source.

“To accept yourself fully as you are because it is necessary for the path you walk” means that the reality you adopt concerning your physical attributes, and your mental and emotional stabilities, needs to be a reflection of how you appear as judged by your society. Many people who have body weight issues or personality disorders refuse to accept that they have chosen these issues to learn from them. In order to use obesity or antisocial behavior as a lesson you must first accept that it is present and, at the moment, who you are. Then you may discover why you wished to learn from this condition, for that is the path you wrote for yourself.

“To learn to banish all fear so you might see the lesson within.” The only emotions that exist on Earth are various forms of fear and love. The soul exists in unconditional love. If you give up your power on Earth by embracing fear, you become unable to see anything else. Therefore, you must put aside the fear to see the soul’s desired lesson within any situation. Accept that as a soul you are unconditional love.

“To understand the lessons you came to Earth to learn” refers to first going through the lesson chosen. Second is to take the knowledge of the energies, both positive and negative, which were generated during the lesson. This means to see what effect your actions during the lesson had upon yourself and those who were also a part of the lesson. This finally results in an understanding of the reasons you chose that lesson, which gives you the wisdom of that particular lesson.

“To trust in the Universe knowing it will not give you more than you can endure” is an affirmation of the universal law that in order to learn from the Earth experience you must not be overwhelmed in the process. The Universe does not want you spending all your time treading water and not getting anywhere. To obtain the wisdom from a lesson, you must be able to complete it if you give yourself to the experience, accepting the responsibility for what you are doing. You are, after all, a part of the Universe.

“To have faith in yourself because you are divine” is a statement of fact concerning your essence. To easily walk through your Earth lessons you need to obtain a sense of your soul. Your soul was broken off from Source and therefore you are also Source. Being Source, who would not have faith in their decisions and conclusions about their experienced lessons? But even if you cannot fully appreciate your divinity, have faith in those feelings that come from within. For inside all dwells the soul, which is who you truly are.

“To know you create your own reality, so you have the power to create what you need to complete your journey.” Your soul has freedom of choice, which allows you to create any reality you feel is necessary to finish each task you have chosen. With this comes the understanding that it is incumbent upon you to make the required choices and to begin the requisite actions necessary to take you in your desired direction.

“To be able to release the human ego to enjoy fully the unconditional love of soul” acknowledges that the human ego is based in judgment and the soul exists without judgment. Unconditional love is incompatible with judgment situations. Consider love in normal human society ruled by the ego: can it ever be unconditional? Can you unconditionally love a spouse who loves another as much as or more than you? Can you love your abuser, your master, your betrayer unconditionally? Within the ego, because it judges right and wrong, good and bad, poor and better, you will never reach unconditional love.

“To live each day in communion with your fellow souls in unconditional love” shows the ultimate goal for your current lifetime. This destination is to fully recognize, not only your soul self in its human body, but all the other souls sharing this Earth trip. When you reach this point in your incarnation you are able to communicate not only with the physical beings around you but also the non-physical souls in the Universe. You have remembered yourself and taken your place within the entirety of existence.