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Need for physical comfort

Friday, September 26th, 2008

QUESTION: Masters, I am working very hard to learn about myself and the lessons I came here to learn. The only thing that I ask in return is to be able to have a physical relationship with a man who will be there to hold and comfort me. None of my relationships has worked out for me. What am I doing wrong?

ANSWER: You are trying to compartmentalize your life. Over here, I will do everything that is necessary to learn lessons to gain wisdom to take back Home with me, and over here I want the physical comforts available only on Earth. Has it ever occurred to you that the search for yourself and your lessons surrounds your search for physical contact?

In your need for physical contact you see it as having nothing to do with your life lessons. You think that in order to have a “comforting” physical relationship with another human you have to (a) be mostly human as opposed to mostly spiritual, (b) adhere to Earthbound (third dimensional) standards, and (c) give your power over to that relationship so as to satisfy the other person and keep him interested in the relationship.

Your lesson is all about physical interaction and being able to maintain your own individuality while enjoying this interaction. In the past you have been so desperate to be comforted that you have given up your freedom of choice to follow your partners’ wishes. You conformed to their mission in life and thought of yours only when you realized they had taken away your identity.

What you desire is to share your soul’s energy with another, not engage in a pseudo-connected, physical comforting. Right now, you settle for human touch rather than human emotional compatibility. Also in this need you feel, you send out the message that any physical body that can take care of your needs will be accepted. What you have drawn to yourself are souls that have a lack of self-worth and seek to get it from you by turning you into their puppet.

In knowing yourself, honor yourself and your freedom of choice. Define who you are at this time and be comfortable with who you are. Then send out the message that this grand person seeks to share herself with another equally comfortable and aware human. This will bring in only those souls that know themselves and want to share themselves with you, not control and feed off of your energy.