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Imperfectly perfect

Monday, September 8th, 2008


Q: This past weekend I sat around and watched a Star Trek marathon on the television. It made me wish that our world could be as fantastic as theirs. They have no need for money, the few diseases still around are easily dealt with, and they experience no prejudices between different races, colors, or creeds. Why do we have to have all this want and strife in our lives?

A: The Star Trek scenario gives you a feel of what some other places in the Universe are like. This experience you chose here on planet Earth exists for the sole purpose of giving you a life full of choices. How can you have choices? You must have an environment that provides options for every event that you confront.

If there were no need for money you could not decide whether to be poor or rich, to be cheap or philanthropic. You could not learn from the experience of poverty to find your strengths and grow in confidence and prosperity, or to find the joy in non-physical things.

Whole lifetimes revolve around dealing with all kinds of bodily ailments: physical, mental, and emotional. If you could just pass a magic wand over your body and come into perfect balance, all your pre-planning—whom to incarnate with, whom to make contracts with, and what difficulties to face— would be for naught. You would have to come back into another life to fulfill the lessons terminated by that wand.

Your soul’s ability to choose your sex, race, religion, and dwelling area presents innumerable possibilities for the attainment of knowledge. How would you be able to experience master and slave, majority and minority, if all were considered equal? The very fact that you can choose to try both sexes—in different lifetimes, of course—allows great variety.

In obtaining wisdom from gathered knowledge, the way you see life now cannot be bettered. Continue with your present pathway—maybe next time you will choose to enjoy rest and relaxation in a dimension like Star Trek.