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The family as a stage

Monday, September 15th, 2008

QUESTION: Masters, on a number of occasions you have spoken of the lengths we go to in order to choose the families into which we incarnate. As I understand your messages, we are setting a stage upon which to perform our various lessons. Is there a way to know how much of the stage is necessary for our task? In other words, do we have to continue to interact with and be responsible for our biological families? Do we owe an allegiance to them? Why do we feel so obligated to them?

ANSWER: What we have spoken of even more than “setting the stage” for your experiences, is our tutoring about freedom of choice and honoring yourself. When planning an Earth lifetime the desired lessons are selected first. Next is discussed the best way to ensure those lessons get brought to you.

These parameters are all set in generalities, not specifically. You don’t say, “I am going to have a beloved Uncle Joe who is going to sexually molest me when I am five years and ten months old.” You decide instead that during your formative years you want to experience betrayal which will also have sexual and trust issues entwined.

Overlaid on the stage you have set up are belief systems that surround your stage. Your family, the community, your religion all have delineated rules that they insist you should obey. At first you don’t even know that you have a choice not to obey them so you unconsciously accept.

If you never become aware that you have choices, you will continue to live by these rules. But you can see choices if you go inside yourself and allow your feelings to show you the alternatives to blind obedience. When you begin to recognize a freedom of choice, you must then decide whether you wish to continue being a puppet or will take the reins and drive your own experience.

Because families form our first and strongest awareness in life, behavioral beliefs surrounding your interaction with them are the strongest to break. Beginning in earliest childhood they set the controls to manipulate your whole existence. It takes people who have become firm in their knowledge of their self-worth to buck the trend and go against this societal pressure.

We have merely explained the origin of your feelings toward family members. Examine those feelings now. Stay or go depending on what you feel you need to learn.