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The soul at Home

Friday, August 29th, 2008


Q: Masters, I have been wondering how my mother is doing since her passing. I just want to tell her that I miss her and love her. Can you contact her and convey any messages that she has for me?

A: We wish to explain the events surrounding a soul’s return Home. Once  souls have completed a trip to planet Earth, they come back into the unconditional love of Home. This may be an easy transition if they have done it a number of times in the past, or it may be difficult because they do not wish to leave their physical life so readily.

Those who hang on to the physical are very confused in their orientation. They think that they should still be physical but notice that it is impossible to interact in their former manner. Most of their consciousness is consumed in remaining in contact with the physical. These souls are frequently seen by others, and we call them ghosts. Until they realize that they are no longer that former physical person, they cannot fully return Home and begin the debriefing process in which they integrate the lessons they have learned on Earth.

When souls reach the point of reviewing their physical experience, they examine how well they have understood the experiences they chose. Did they truly gain the wisdom of despair, self-loathing, abandonment, hatred, or any of the myriad possible lessons? If they did, they do not have to repeat similar circumstances. If they have not grasped the intricacies, they will repeat the lesson in a subsequent life.

Your mother has completed her transition and is aware of everything that is directed toward her. To tell her that you love and miss her all you have to do is think it or say it to her. She will hear.

Do you want to hear and talk to your deceased relatives and friends? Know that it is possible, ask them questions, listen for acknowledgment from their souls. Don’t expect a personal appearance, which is rather difficult for them to do. Don’t expect to hear their voices loud and clear. Listen to your own thoughts because they will usually communicate through them. Enjoy the conversation.