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Who we are

Wednesday, August 13th, 2008


Hi! Normally we are formal in our salutation: “Dear fellow souls.” While this is a very descriptive address, and also accurate, it didn’t feel right for today’s little message, a lot of which has to do with who we are, and who we are not.

Throughout your centuries (with other channelers) we have used forms of address such as Dearly Beloved, Brethren, Little Ones, My Children—terms of endearment all, but also seeming to separate us into a different class from you. This has made it appear as if we are your protectors, your benevolent caretakers, the source of all protection and responsibility—someone to whom you can look for consolation and all of the answers needed.

You seek to learn, and that is why you listen to us. There is an expectation that those from whom you learn are wise, above reproach, and on a pedestal. However, our status regarding you is merely one of having had more experience and therefore having gleaned more wisdom, which we share in unconditional love.

With the enlightenment present on the planet at this time, we no longer see a need to exhibit the solemn, religious-based tone previously expected during our conversations with you. We do not want to be seen as superior beings who must be obeyed. In plain language, you have grown up. You don’t need to be coddled anymore. The time has come for you to assume responsibility for yourself and for your actions.

We will still be imminently accessible and ready to help you to see all the choices that you have in your life. We will still honor your freedom of choice and not make any decisions for you.

Now for our usual signature: With Love, light, and laughter. We do all for you in unconditional love, surrounded by the brightest of light so that all may be observed, and we hope you enjoy yourself on this journey and express it freely with laughter.

The Masters of the Spirit World: This expresses simply that we have been where you are now and (as you will in the future) have mastered or learned the necessary lessons to become masters of this physical-life thing and have subsequently returned Home to the spirit world to enjoy eternity in wisdom-based unconditional love.