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Where has all the love gone?

Friday, February 15th, 2008

Q. Masters, where has all the love in the world gone? As a child I remember feeling loved by everyone, even when I was being bratty. Now it seems all I see are disgruntled people who glare—if they look at you at all. Throughout the world, man’s inhumanity to his fellow man has reached monumental proportions with people indiscriminately killing their neighbors, and sometimes their own families. Am I the only person who feels this way? What can I do to return to that comforting love?

A. Love is everywhere; you just have to allow yourself to see and feel it. As a child you lived in the moment in your own world, blocking out negativity, so that it was easy to receive and feel the love. As you got older you became concerned with the world around you as you related to those within it. You have identified with titles you have earned: wife, mother, businesswoman, church supporter, and so on. With each one of these identities came an individualized set of responsibilities that you assumed. You are barely able to peek over the top of all your self- accepted requirements. They are barricades that prevent you from feeling the love outside of you.

What catches your attention now are all the sensational headlines relating to atrocities throughout the world. Your reaction to all this negativity is to pull your head into your shell and peer skeptically at your surroundings. Those around you feel the fear and magnify it so that it reinforces your own feelings of the lack of love.

There are only two emotions in your world: love and fear. They are polar opposites, and one cannot exist in the presence of the other. Anything that you do not love, you fear in one form or another, be it hate, jealousy, revenge, or plain mind-numbing fear. Many, many souls come down to planet Earth to experience the battle between love and fear as a life lesson, so you are definitely not alone.

To return to that feeling of love you must let go of the fear. You must examine in your life anything that is not love and see what lesson it is trying to teach you, so that you may learn it, and move back to love. Inside each human shell is a magnificent, all-loving soul who gets buried in life lessons. Dig yours out and relish the unconditional love of the universe.