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Out-of-body experiences

Friday, February 1st, 2008

Q. Masters, I have read about out-of-body experiences. Are they real? What do they mean? How do you go about accomplishing one? Can you get stuck outside of your body?

A. Out-of-body experiences (OBEs) happen when people’s consciousness is focused on another location or time, and they are able to see everything that is going on in that separate location while their physical bodies remain “at home”. They happen in states of deep meditation, and sometimes at night at the beginning or ending of the sleep cycle.

These OBEs are very real. Individuals who have experienced them can tell you (while physically not leaving their meditation or bedroom) what someone was wearing or what someone said on the other side of a wall, the country, or the world. The reason is simply that these people have grown to know their soul well enough to free the majority of it from the confines of the body. An OBE may also occur when a person is in a coma.

Mystics have meditated for years and not been able to accomplish an OBE, and yet other souls do it almost automatically. The secret is having total faith in yourself as a soul while harboring no fears whatsoever. Doubt, fear, and physical discomfort will drop the soul back into the body immediately. It is impossible to get stuck outside of your body.