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Deja vu?

Tuesday, September 11th, 2007

Q. Masters, recently I spent time in a rural Italian village which I had never visited before. I was completely blown away by the fact that I seemed always to know what was around the next corner before we reached it. I never had experiences like this before. Have I suddenly become psychic? I can’t seem to do the same thing when I go to a new area of my hometown or anywhere else.

A. World traveler, what you are doing is remembering a locale where you have spent time in a previous life. Your soul recollects places where it has lived before and, if you allow yourself to be open to the experience, you will feel right at home. Since you were on vacation, you had no expectation of what was going to happen or what you wanted to observe, so you were “open” to all the energies associated with that particular location in your current time space, and also in all your past linear ages.

When you expect to travel from one location to another and reach a certain destination, your conscious mind only focuses on the things that you expect to be there. So, either you don’t see things that you do not expect to be there, or you do observe something but cannot recognize it. This is a common human trait. Your mind constantly lives either in the past, re-examining what you have done, or in the future, where you spend time building up expectations for the next moment or encounter.

What happened to you in Italy was an example of living in the present—the “now”. This state enables you to use your senses to their fullest extent because they are unoccupied with things you have no control over (the past and the future). Stay in the “now” and you will have a sense that you have become psychic because you will see, feel, smell, and taste things that did not exist for you before.