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How to manifest change

Wednesday, September 5th, 2007

Welcome, fellow souls. We are very pleased to have you with us. Our comment today is on your ability to create the physical perception of your soul’s earthly existence. Many of you are unaware that you have this capability. For many more it is an elusive dream that you yearn to make real. In order to power this inner capacity to fine-tune your understanding, you need only to tap into your divinity. No, the concept of divinity is not heresy; rather, it is a statement of fact which defines you as an individual piece of the Source.

As we discussed in a previous message, each soul was broken off from Source in order to learn lessons and to gain wisdom. Each of you is of the same energy with the same abilities as Source. Before you ever began this particular experience on Earth you decided what lessons you wanted to learn, and chose the basic requirements for putting yourself into a situation where it would be easy to have the experiences you desired.

Now, while you are in physical form, you may have a “do-as-I-do” mentality that makes you want to comply with the dictates of the immediate surrounding society. The belief systems that you adopt from those around you can help you make choices that allow you to learn lessons, but they also can be used as a box within which you choose to spend your time on Earth following the whim of others. Nevertheless, you really do have an alternative. You may tap into your inner power, realizing and acknowledging that this life is an illusion you have created around you. With this realization, you may choose to create a new reality that is all your own, to enable you to become more aware both of the lessons you came to learn and of your true essence as a soul. Each soul’s reality is what it experiences at any given time, and it changes as its perspective changes.

Some of you are asking yourselves right now, “What the ‘bleep’ are they talking about?” The fact we are referring to is that, when you have a “certainty” about your life (something that you have convinced yourself exists), that is all you can see. So, for example, if you deny that non-physical beings and energies exist, you will never be able to interact with us on your own. If you believe that you have no control over the way other people treat you, you simply will not. Again, if you believe that you will contract a certain ailment because “everyone” gets it, then you surely will.

Simply put, your conscious mind is very powerful, and what you accept as reality will become your reality. So how do you change your reality? Count these pointers off on your fingers:
1)      Accept that you can change your reality. 

          2)     Have faith in your own abilities and in who you truly are.
3)     Believe that you can accomplish what you desire.
4)     Know that you have all the power and ability necessary to change.
5)     Become what it is you have accepted, had faith and believed in—knowing that you can transform your present experience.

So, how do you begin? Remember the phrase “Fake it until you make it”? Start by acting as if you are what you know you can become. It will not come to you automatically. Start slowly at first by banishing all negative thoughts whenever they pop into your conscious mind. Whenever they arrive, think instead of the happiest time in your life. When someone asks you how you are, always respond with a cheerful “fantastic” or ”marvelous” or “never better” and soon that will become exactly how you feel. Live your life as a magnet for how you want your reality to become.

Until next week, live your life in love, light, and laughter.

The Masters of the Spirit World