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Soul and consciousness

Tuesday, April 10th, 2018

QUESTION: Masters as far as I understand, my Higher Self is limitless, unmanifested Consciousness. Living with this body, mind and limited senses is like living in the prison. Why is that? What is the difference between Soul and Consciousness? ~Kaarina, Finland

ANSWER: A definition of “consciousness” has been the life work of many philosophers, theologians, and spiritualists. They all tend to agree that it denotes a type of awareness, but on an awareness of what, and in what state, they diverge. This is another case where we have been asked to use your limited Earthly language to describe something that transcends physical oral communications and can mean different things in different arenas.

To the human being, consciousness can mean an awakeness of the functioning body as opposed to a comatose state. This involves the physical aspects of self only. Philosophically, it extends to the mental faculties as used in thought and feeling, but here again, that is in the physical realm. In a spiritual sense, it generally connotes an awareness of the nonphysical essence of self, or the soul. This goes beyond the physical body and includes everything that the body and soul are and can be.

As for the term “soul,” most would agree that it refers to the energetic essence that broke off, and was individualized, from Source for the purpose of gaining wisdom. The soul is nonphysical in and of itself but has the ability to inhabit a physical shell or body. “Higher self” is the term many apply to the amount of the soul’s essence that is within the human body, communicates with both the physical and nonphysical aspects, and has access to the universal consciousness.

The human aspects of the soul’s Earth journey are restrictive and limiting because humans generally can access and utilize only the amount of knowledge or awareness that they have self-experienced during the present lifetime. But this limitation is actually the reason that human existence can permit the gathering of wisdom through mastering life lessons.

When one becomes conscious of their essence, they tap into all the knowledge they have gathered over many lifetimes. They understand the nature of a soul and yearn for the freedom that escape from the restrictive body can allow. This is the stage in which you find yourself – you understand the possibilities of existing as your true self.

Is there a hierarchy

Tuesday, April 10th, 2018

QUESTION: Masters, can you explain the system of hierarchy at home, please? Do older souls with more experience and knowledge…such as the Ascended Masters… hold higher authority? Do the colors of the orbs of energy change with experience? Who organizes things? ~Jane, UK

ANSWER: Since a soul having a human experience is brought up and lives in an ego based, judgmental society where everything and everyone is rated, graded, and judged, you expect that to be the situation everywhere. In order to have judgments, you have to be in an arena where there is negativity, an inferior or superior aspect to every possibility. The only place this exists is on planet Earth. Therefore, there are no judgments, grading, or rating – hence, no hierarchy – anywhere but on Earth.

All souls are the same; none is any better than, more important than, or in charge of making decisions for, any other. The title “Ascended Master” implies only that the soul has achieved mastery of everything possible about a particular human characteristic.

For instance, they might have mastered all experiences concerning the element of control. That just means that they have been controlled and, additionally, in control during many lifetimes, exploring all aspects of control so that they can teach the subject to other inquiring souls who wish to decide if such a life would benefit their enlightenment process.

A soul makes its own decisions – it is never told by anyone what it must, or even should, do. It is only in taking responsibility for using their freedom of choice that wisdom is gained. While each soul has a group of twelve advisors to assist them in planning their journeys to Earth, even they don’t hold any authority over the soul.

The orbs of energy that may be seen by humans are just a visual means of communication. The colors are completely arbitrary and chosen by the soul as an expression of who they are. Further, communication in the nonphysical world, where the soul does not have a voice box, is by means of vibrations, sound, and color.

Organization is a group affair. If they want to have a mass experience to see how something is going to affect the world, they get together and all incarnate at the same time, forming a sufficient number to have an impact. This is what has happened in the case of all major disasters, wars, or movements.

The control of vulnerability

Tuesday, April 10th, 2018

QUESTION: Masters I have found difficulty in friendships and romantic relationships. I enjoy socializing but over the years have been met with so many disappointments from those I have trusted and/or loved. I find myself resisting making friends, opening up to my lover, accepting that these people want to be in my life. I believe that these encounters are trying to teach me something, but I just can’t seem to shake my fears related to the many negative past experiences. Part of me has started to wonder if I’m meant to be alone, while another part of me thinks that’s just my ego talking to keep me safe from pain. What could be the cause of this? ~Kaley Marie, USA

ANSWER: You are very rigid in your expectations concerning anything that comes into your life, particularly when it deals with relationships of any kind. You have a need to be in control, so in new situations, even meeting and sharing interests with someone you have never met, you are hesitant because they are the great unknown. After an affair has begun, you then want to hide behind your walls so as not to be vulnerable to their analysis and potential criticism.

You lack self-confidence and self-worth. You don’t believe you are good enough or in the right position to be loved, and you have no idea about self-love or even romantic love. Love is an acceptance of who the other person is – not what you want them to be.

To be fulfilling, a relationship must be open and sharing so you can find a mutually satisfying bond. With your current emotional deficits, you are unable to comply. To reach a state where you can experience love, you first have to rid yourself of limiting beliefs. You need to develop a confidence that who you are is perfect for someone out there.

All souls are wonderful, loving, magnificent people if they allow themselves to be. Whenever one of your fears or doubts pops up, stop what you are doing and chase it down. Why is it there? Where does it come from? Why have I allowed it to take charge of me? Answering these questions will banish the restrictions and open a new world of possibility. Accept that you are an unconditionally loving soul with no constraints.