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Animals passing

Tuesday, April 3rd, 2018

QUESTION: Masters “animals afterlife/tragic passing” Is there always a rhyme/reason for unforeseen circumstance? Our toy dog 2.5 yrs. ago disappeared & we guessed a coyote. 6 mos. ago brother/sister replacement puppies brought immense love into our lives. My 14 yr. old felt helpless witnessing the male taken away by a coyote. I’ve raised her with notions everything serves a purpose/plan. Do pets choose their exit? or come for shorter time /purpose? but help us in afterlife? How long does a soul hover before crossing? Can animals exit quickly with tragedy? We must transcend anger & forgive coyotes’ role. Even in alternate timelines would this still been inevitable? What about this soul returning & solely its choice? ~Taiya, Canada

ANSWER: There is a reason for everything that happens to a soul while it is on Earth. No actions can be classified as right or wrong but should just be viewed as lessons from which to learn. Only a small number – 1 to 2% – of animals contain souls; the rest are animated by sparks of unconditionally loving energy. The non-soul-bearing animals are on the planet to assist the souls having human existences with their chosen experiences.

Your family has been able to observe the environmental cycle of life with predators and prey. The coyotes did not have souls who had chosen to deprive you of a beloved pet, but simply a hunger they found satisfied by a smaller animal. For the humans, this environmental cycle provided the experience of several different lessons such as sorrow, loss, betrayal, outrage, hatred, and sensing lack of control over life.

Most animals have much shorter life spans than humans, and since they don’t have souls, they don’t have chosen life lessons. They are providing context for humans. In the case of those rare animals who do bear a soul, that soul does the same planning before coming as a soul entering a human body. Then, the same rules that apply to a human body apply to the animal life.

Soulmate connections

Tuesday, April 3rd, 2018

QUESTION: Masters can you shed some light on soulmate connections? I think I have found another one last year at work. After surviving the first one, I thought this time it would be easier to deal with, but I was wrong. What is the point of having such strong feelings towards someone, only to have to let go of these feelings in the end? It hurts deep down inside. And makes me hate myself for not having their attention. Do soulmates always feel their connection and recognize it? Does this person in particular recognize it at all? ~Kt, Brazil

ANSWER: You are talking about soulmates as if they were a romantic twin flame, which they are not. The last soul that you separated from when being broken off from Source is known as your twin flame. You vibrate at the same frequency and can think of nothing else but each other when you are together. For that reason, twin flames are rarely both on the physical plane at the same time because they wouldn’t spend any time on their lessons.

Soulmates are the other souls individualized at the same time as you. They are the 72 immediately preceding you and the 72 immediately after you, a total of 144 souls who are like close siblings or even physical twins. Since you know these souls better than any others, they are the ones with whom you tend to make contracts to complete events on Earth.

Such contracts are rarely concerned with romantic encounters. Soulmates are destined to be your best friend, your most influential teacher, or your biggest protagonist. You enter into the contracts so that you have an assurance of being able to face a desired lesson.

You are a dreamer and allow yourself to vest all your emotions in romantic relations. You fantasize a perfect, movie-style relationship when the other person begins to show even a little interest in you. Your intensity tends to scare the person off before they even get to know you.

Stop having expectations that are not based on fact. When you meet a new prospect, don’t plan an “ever-after” until you get to know them. Take things slowly to see if you are compatible; get to understand where they are in their life and what their intentions are.

Most of the time a soulmate will recognize you – if they are truly a soulmate. But sometimes, they are not spiritually far enough advanced in this life to feel you. You don’t need a soulmate to have a satisfactory romance, just a like-minded individual.

The workings of the soul

Tuesday, April 3rd, 2018

QUESTION: Masters why must souls learn from being on earth, when there are so many souls “at Home” that could give lessons and teach about any issue? Do souls feel pain, or is it only the physical ego who can feel it? Is “my soul ” willing to reach out to my ego and set up a meeting? ~Kjetil, Norway

ANSWER: Souls come to Earth so that they may work through understanding who they are and what powers and abilities they possess. Those who are at Home can share how it was for them, but since each person learns differently, it may not mean much to the student.

It’s very much like running a marathon or participating in an athletic competition. You can watch others do it, you can read all about the various stages the body needs to go through, and you can visualize the event. But unless and until you physically experience the preparation, the exertion, the difficulties, and the triumph of success or the pain of failure, you will never truly know what it is like. A soul does not gain the wisdom of the opposite of perfection until they have experienced it for themselves.

When not having a human experience within a body, souls are amorphous clouds of energy with no nerve endings, physical emotions, or exposure to negativity. Of course, there is also no ego because that is the purview of the duality on Earth. So, the soul has no pain.

Your soul is the unconscious habitat of your higher self. Your ego is the judgmental mental musings of a physical body. Ego exists only within the duality because negativity is needed to use its tools of judging, rating, and grading everything. It is very difficult for a soul or higher self to deal with a mind that is controlled by ego, since the soul is positive, unconditional love only, and the ego requires negativity to function.

Spiritual enlightenment can occur only when the human releases ego’s hold over its being and resides in positive energy – where the only tool is evaluation, and nothing is determined to be “right” or “wrong.”