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Can we resolve life lessons?

Tuesday, April 17th, 2018

QUESTION: Masters, the idea that we assume physical bodies in order to understand emotions and other human characteristics on earth makes sense and resonates as true to me. What isn’t clear is, is it enough to experience these things, when it seems impossible to resolve them in your heart, mind, soul? It seems I have experienced more than my share of negativity in this lifetime and try as I might, I still cannot just let things roll off. They often devastate me. ~Ruby, USA

ANSWER: Understanding, resolving, and integrating these difficult situations is the reason you come to Earth. The soul “gets it” because it started the whole process. The heart is dealing with the physically emotional aspects of the lesson. And the mind is dealing with the repercussions of the lesson as it tries to delineate the learning factors from the ego-driven compulsions of the body as dictated by society.

Without the negativity, souls have no reason to come. Their purpose is to discover who they are as a soul and to see if they can figure out what is negative and how to shed that for the positive opposite. Once a lesson is recognized, that is just the first step. The next one is to make the choice of how you are going to integrate it into your life: embrace or repel.

If you see the test but refuse or don’t bother to work through the steps of finding out why you chose it to be there, it will be impossible to resolve. Judging the “goodness” or “badness” of the event holds you in the ego-based, societal judgment realm. Instead, if you “evaluate” what it means by its presence in your life, you can make the decision how to treat it and it no longer keeps poking you to react.

The “bothering” part of learning is the edge between seeing the lesson and learning the lesson. All lessons come into awareness through the process of producing doubts and fears in your life. If you understand why you chose a particular lesson, you can eradicate its hold and it no longer has any effect upon you.

Letting things roll off you is a sign that the desired lesson has been comprehended. Still feel a pinch? You have more to learn from the situation. Most of the time a continued connection to the lesson involves a belief that has been given you by society – e.g., “That meant I was betrayed or taken advantage of and I need to get revenge.”

Congratulating yourself for getting past the sense of being used by another and into the knowledge that you chose to experience these things, and no one else is to blame, will let you release any lingering emotions. If they devastate you, it is because you are allowing them to do so. Just let it go.

Did negativity come from aliens?

Tuesday, April 17th, 2018

QUESTION: Masters why do you say that negativity arose on Earth and only exists in it? Negativity has been implemented here by beings from other planets who wanted and still want control of Earth. Control is not part of unconditional love, so negativity already existed before it emerged here. ~Daniel, Brazil

ANSWER: There is a lot of unsubstantiated, incorrect information running around on the web. You can find all kinds of conspiracy theories and spoofs out there. People create their own realities, so if they believe something is true, to them, it is. Even if the sun is shining, if you think it is raining that becomes your truth, and if you go out you wear a raincoat. If you think your neighbor doesn’t like you, you avoid him even if he is the friendliest person in the world.

There are no other groups of souls in the universe who want to take over Earth and control it. Who would want such a messed-up duality? And how could one group of people exert control over such a diverse population when current occupants cannot even maintain control over their country and family members? Souls who have chosen to experience lives on other planets are doing so for reasons other than learning lessons about the nature of perfection. And no other planet exists as a duality.

Society loves to have fears because it gives them something to blame their failures on. If there is a boogeyman who is trying to take over the world, then you can excuse your selfishness because all your good work would be for naught.

Every soul comes to Earth to experience their own essence. You did not come to pit yourself against another soul, group of souls, or unknown planetary baddies. You came to learn about the lessons you chose because you felt you wanted to understand more about them.

Complete your journey before worrying about someone’s imagined extraterrestrials. Or not – because you have total freedom of choice and have no obligation to finish the work you came here to do. The choice is yours.

Path of enlightenment

Tuesday, April 17th, 2018

QUESTION: Masters, once enlightenment occurs … is it a possibility that it can be reversed and one’s soul vibration can decrease below the 7th dimension and reach lower dimensions? Or is that just for functioning in the gross world? ~Jaskaran, India

ANSWER: “Enlightenment” for a soul having a human experience means getting an awareness of their true essence as a piece of Source energy and then using that to complete the lessons they chose for this incarnation. To talk about seven or even an endless number of dimensions is to engage in ego judgment, which occurs only within the duality of the Earth plane.

The main element of enlightenment on Earth is to step away from judgment, which is the urge to rate, grade, or judge the actions in which you engage. The goal is to be free of negativity and embrace positive, loving energy, thus going from judging into evaluating. The only questions then become: Is this something from which I can learn? and Do I desire that experience?

We teach a simplistically understandable transition. The third dimension is completely physical and has all the human characteristics of height, width, and breadth within a dualistic environment, so the soul may learn by the choices they make. The fourth dimension is still physical (so contact with negativity is still possible) but with the possibility of touching the nonphysical, where negativity does not exist and all is pure unconditional love. The fifth dimension is the realm of Source, and only unconditionally loving energy abides.

If you question whether someone who has shed negativity may revert back to its use, the answer is yes. Do they forget what it is like to be in positive loving energy? The answer is no, but they have the choice to experience what they desire. Can one go from the nonphysical to the physical? No, not in the same body – but yes, through reincarnation in another body.