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Life, birth and souls

Tuesday, December 19th, 2017

QUESTION: Masters, I have recently learned that I am a mother to 6 children and not the 5 I gave birth to. This additional life lasted only weeks and I was not aware of a life at that time. But this soul is close to me now, which is beautiful. Did I choose to have so many children before I arrived this time? Also, presumably, when a woman is pregnant, there are 2 or more souls resident in the same physical body? ~Jane, UK

ANSWER: You chose to be a teacher for a large number of children and could have accomplished that by having a large family and/or being a teacher of other children as well. Once you started having your own, it resonated with you and you found great pleasure and satisfaction directing the paths of your progeny.

The soul who decided, after marking you as its mother, not to come to Earth at that time hangs around you for the same reasons that it chose you in the first place. It loves your energy and the way you interact with everyone. It is learning vicariously through your other children what life could have been like. Observation is one way of deciding if you want to try a situation yourself.

You are correct that two souls (or more with multiple births) are harbored by the mother’s body when she is pregnant. They are not, however, part of the mother – she is just providing shelter for them while the fetus develops. It is similar to a family all being within the same house, which does not mean they share the same body, just the outer protection.

When a soul decides to come to Earth (incarnate), they choose biological parents and the other environmental characteristics the couple provide that will allow them to have the experiences they have chosen for that lifetime. When the sperm merges with an ovum, the soul attaches a cord to the developing fetus. It will rarely completely enter the confines of the body until the later stages of gestation or immediately during the birthing process.

During the nine months of growth, the baby will spend time at Home saying goodbye to friends and associates, watching what their new family is doing, and getting acclimated to a human body. The entirety of the soul never enters the physical realm. Some aspects always remain at Home in the unconditional love of Source. This is one reason that people do not have total awareness of all their past experiences.

Etheric cording and attachments

Tuesday, December 19th, 2017

QUESTION: Masters my question is about etheric cording and attachments. I was told by a teacher / healer that focusing on these to learn about them lowers our vibrations and not to do so; although she clears them at times. If we are aware of etheric cording, how do we begin to clear these without lowering our vibrations? ~Catherine, Australia

ANSWER: You are really talking about two entirely different features of nonphysical objects. “Etheric cords” is the terminology that normally refers to the aspect of the soul that comes from the realm of unconditional love where it originated with its separation from Source energy.

These are what a soul uses to animate a human body or to give cells viability. The cords may contain a simple connection claiming the fetus prior to birth, or they may be the soul’s connection to its essence after birth. The cords themselves are all of the vibration of Source’s unconditional love. A soul’s total essence is a snapshot of its Akashic record of everything that soul has ever done in its many incarnations.

Attachments, on the other hand, originate from another source. They may be a soul who is no longer in a human body but who has chosen not to return to unconditional love for one reason or another. These souls remain in the duality of positive and negative energy and generally are full of negativity because they have chosen to remain to seek revenge for something or to take over someone’s body so they may have control again in the physical arena – this is all negative energy.

Another form of attachment may be based out of residual energy generated by negative forces. Take, for instance, a person getting angrier and angrier about the actions of another so that all they can think about is destroying that person. Their getting madder calls any random negativity to come join the party and add to the strength of their feelings.

Attachments composed of negativity can draw a person into the negativity, or lower vibrations, if they spend time thinking about, joining with, and using it. This lowers a soul’s vibration since it holds them in the physical, third-dimensional duality instead of allowing them to rise to or maintain their choice of a positive, unconditionally loving, Source energy vibration.

It is possible to help get rid of any attachments you or others might have, after you have protected yourself with white light, affirmations, and obtaining the assistance of your guides without lowering your vibration. Examining the negative attachment without protection makes the energy assume you are interested in its nature and want to partake. Taking on negativity immediately lowers your vibration.

What do I do?

Tuesday, December 19th, 2017

QUESTION: Masters I am married for many years but feel hidden hatred from my husband. He says he loves me but due to circumstances is unable to be happy. We both have had a lot of stress and bad luck with finances since the beginning but have got lovely kids together. I have been now told I’m depressed and feel like a machine walking through life. I did briefly get connected to another person who made me feel happy, but that situation was also complicated and had to be stopped/put on hold. How do I know if I should stay in the marriage or the other person was right, or I should move on and find happiness alone? ~L., Asia

ANSWER: You and your husband, while a good match when you first got married, have moved away from each other in ideals and beliefs. He resents you at this time, thinking that you and the children are what are causing his discomfort in his job and life. However, he still does love the idea of being married and having sired a wonderful family.

He spends a lot of time in a “poor me” mood where he revels in his misfortune and blames it on everything and anything but his own actions. Since he is always looking at the bad, or negative, side of things, he is unable to find happiness, which resides in positive, loving energy. How you look at life is a personal choice, where you can choose to be happy.

Your dalliance with the other man was to show you the possibilities. It was not the right time for you to make a change, so the circumstances prevented it. Your current state of mind results from an acceptance that things can’t get better. You dictate your reality, so choose the world you desire.

Every soul is extremely powerful and can bring to itself what it wishes. But, first, you have to believe that you can. You have to decide exactly what it is that you want, visualize it, and then bring it to you. There are no rights or wrongs during a spiritual journey, just choices. See what resonates with you and start in that direction.