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Things we choose

Tuesday, March 14th, 2017

QUESTION: Masters I raised my sister in the 80s because my parents were emotionally abusive and neglectful. I was 12 when she was born. We were VERY close – I learned unconditional love from/for her. Our relationship is now damaged from my leaving for college at 17 and spoiling her out of guilt afterwards. She suffered emotionally and physically after I left. She is OK now and has a good life after much therapy. My therapist & friends say I needed to live my life and let my parents do their job. I KNEW they would not, but was too weak to resist pressure to go to college and stay in that backwards small town to protect her. I feel very guilty having left my helpless little sister to them. I do not know if my choice just caused her pain and me karmic debt, or helped both of us to grow. ~Christina, USA

ANSWER:  Every soul chooses its parents and the circumstances surrounding its birth and what it will immediately be able to learn from its home environment. Both you and your sister knew the inability your parents would possess for normal parenting and wished to see how you would be able to deal with that.

Many of your lessons included situations about controlling what was happening. Control is really an illusion since it always involves more than one person and each soul has to be working toward the same goal for it to be successful. In your mind, everything that you did was for the best even when it prevented your sister from having to face and deal with the problems created by your parents.

All you accomplished was to delay the time when she was required to deal with them. You did provide sterling examples for her, by watching you, for manners in which to cope with their actions. She observed how she needed the degree of confidence you displayed in your decisions. You never succumbed to their uncomfortable and harmful interactions.

Most young girls have dolls with which they practice and envision how to take care of a youngster; you had your sister. During this time, you also discovered that this journey you were on was all about you and that to move forward you had to prepare yourself. The first step was getting an education. The choice of staying near to your sister was your intent to support her.

Do not feel guilty; she chose her parents just as you did. She would not be the strong, confident young lady she is today if not for all the experiences she went through. Each soul draws into their world the things they want to experience. You  both drew to yourself lessons that you desired and completed. Congratulations

Stuck, what next?

Tuesday, March 14th, 2017

QUESTION: Masters my mother is an intractable person. She thinks she’s superior and Jesus Christ is herself. Call everyone dumb and low level. They all ran away from her. I live in her house, so she is my responsibility. I do not have someone to ask for help. She is violent and hurts me with words and gestures. What do I have to learn from her? How can I get out of this situation? Is she mentally crazy? When can I have my own home? I’m desperate, I cannot stand this situation anymore. I cannot stay in a positive state to create a prosperous life for me. ~Luh, Brasil

ANSWER: First off, no one is anyone else’s responsibility. You are only responsible for yourself. Your lesson here is to understand that words and gestures alone can harm you only if you allow them to do so. Ignore that which does not resonate and feel applicable to you. Your mother is an extremely unhappy person and fears everything. Her idea is that if she can get others around her to be miserable, she will feel better by comparison – the old “misery loves company.”

There is nothing you can do to make her change her behavior unless, or until, she decides she wants and is ready to change. She is not certifiably crazy at this time but has personality defects that make her unfit to survive in normal society without assistance. Look around to social agencies for help in dealing with her.

All of this is coming to you because it is time for you to make some decisions about your future. A soul creates its own reality and brings to itself what it needs to experience and what will show it when it is time to move on. You have become complacent with the ability to live with your mother and have not found any other means of living. It is time to evaluate what talents you have that will allow you to get your own place and take care of all of your own needs – because you are responsible for yourself.

You are in a psychologically abusive situation and it will only get worse. You may stay if you desire, but you will not learn anything new about yourself or grow in understanding of this life. Seek out groups for abused children and they will point you in helpful directions. You are not alone in this scenario; it is all too common, but everyone feels like the only one suffering under the yoke of unreasonable parents.

Reason for personality change

Tuesday, March 14th, 2017

QUESTION: Masters there is an old and much loved soul from my previous lives who I met again and fell in love with. We started big and strong, mixture between universal and romantic love, very soon planned to unify for life and give birth to our child (whom we’ve both been honored to meet in her astral form and heard her choice for us to be her parents), but now very suddenly, this man “closed” himself entirely from me, became a totally different person and said we are no good together anymore. What is this sudden change? And why there is still a strong voice inside of me that won’t let me give up even after he started to ignore me and our previously shared values totally? He keeps making promises that he just breaks but still I just find myself hoping and loving him from the bottom of my heart. ~Outi, Finland

ANSWER: This is a soul mate of yours and your feelings have been eternal. What has happened with him is that he has unintentionally invited a negative discarnate being, who does not want to go home to unconditional love, to enter into his body and influence his behavior and thinking. This spirit knows that you reside in almost exclusively positive energy, and that is abrasive to its negativity, so it is trying to get your mate to split up with you. What you see right now is this spirit, not your love.

Your love was tricked into allowing this being to enter him and must consciously tell it to leave. The problem is going to be to talk to your friend at a time when this being isn’t constantly issuing instructions. Before you confront him, send as much unconditional love to him as you are able. Ask friends to do the same thing, all with the intention that he will understand he has a visitor inside and decide to put it out.

Invite your love to come to a place where you have incense burning and a couple of candles lit. Negativity cannot stand either of these things. If you have some spiritual friends, see if any have had experience in getting discarnates to move on. Explain to your love that you sense he has a negative entity on board and you want to help free him from this burden.

If you are successful in getting him at a time the being is upset by the positive candles and incense, have him ask it to leave three times. If you have sage, use it to bathe his body in its smoke, all the time demanding the entity move on. Remind your love of all the plans you had with your daughter and the mutual promises that you made. Maintaining your positivity during this process is vital.