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Resetting your soul to null

Tuesday, March 7th, 2017

QUESTION: Masters regarding the galactic central sun, it is said that it has the power to reset a soul back to a blank slate so that the soul can start the reincarnation evolutionary process over again. Some souls of their own free will have asked if they can go to the central sun to have their souls reset. How can a soul travel to the galactic central sun to be reset? Would you suggest meditating on the concept, such as meditating on travelling to the center of the galaxy, seeing the black hole there, then travelling into it and having your frequency identity stripped away and reset? What does this process feel like? It would be beneficial if we could form a group of souls, “pilgrims”, who could collectively meditate upon this and, when our time comes, we could travel there together to have our souls reset. ~Sigmund, USA

ANSWER: A soul is a nonphysical, energetic, amorphous cloud that enters into a physical body in order to have experiences within the duality of Earth. It is eternal, can be partially in several places at once as it chooses, and remembers everything it has chosen to experience. The mythical galactic central sun, if it existed, would be contained within a physical world. Physical worlds are illusionary, being constructed by each soul, frequently in conjunction with others, to allow them to learn the lessons they desire through the experiences they draw to themselves.

A soul does not need to be blanked out to a clear slate since each time it incarnates; it has amnesia for everything it has previously encountered – unless it chooses to have some bleed over from past existences. Each soul can have a complete disconnect from any past if it chooses, so there is no need to wipe away its history. Would you choose to forget how to do arithmetic after learning it in grammar school? This would then prevent you from learning geometry or algebra in high school since you have no basis for advanced knowledge.

Your various suggestions for going to this unknown location are a means to accomplishing astral projection, remote viewing, or bi-location. The only problem for your soul is that each and every one of these practices involves the physical body and mind only and not the eternal soul. And even if the physical body “took” the soul that animates it along for the ride, that is not the entirety of the soul. A piece is always in the unconditional love of Home with Source energy, and other pieces may be elsewhere as the soul chooses.

Why don’t you try using your travel methods to go to Source, in the unconditional love, and talk with the souls there about your ideas of a “hard-drive wipe”? Get a perspective from an eternal soul about your ideas instead of just hearing the opinions of physical, ego-judgmental, Earth-bound, existing-in-duality human beings.

Boring life, what now?

Tuesday, March 7th, 2017

QUESTION: Masters, I would like to know if I have any assignments in this world. I never did anything exceptional, I have an empty life, meaningless, without joy, work only. I have never had a relationship, no love. I study too much, trying to understand where I left my life, because I did not see that I would have had a family. I always thought that no one would like me, because even my mother did not want me, I never knew my father. Maybe that has influenced, but I do not know if that’s right. I do volunteer work, but even that does not bring me more fulfillment. I feel too sad. Is there anything I can do to feel better about myself? ~Luciana, Brasil

ANSWER: One of your desired life lessons during this incarnation was to understand who you are as a soul and be able to create a meaningful life. Every person creates their own reality. If you don’t believe that something exists, it doesn’t. If you don’t think you can be loved, you will block any love that is sent to you from others. If you think it is raining even if the sun is shining, then for you it is a miserable, rainy day.

Since you lack self-confidence, feel you do not desire to be loved, and have not been loved up until now, you are incapable of opening yourself to love. Additionally, you feel sorry for yourself so you will not allow yourself to be happy even if things go right for you. Here’s a flash for you: You are capable of turning your life into a wonderful experience if you desire. Do you?

Even during your volunteer work, you are just going through the motions without engaging your emotions with what you are doing. Since society looks favorably on volunteering you tried it, seeking to get the appreciation of society. Things don’t work that way. The act of helping others is really for the purpose of helping yourself understand the situations others are going through so that you won’t have to experience them yourself. It is not for receiving gratification from those served. Do it because you love doing it, not for any other reason.

Put together a list of things you believe will make you happy. Form them into affirmations, stating that they already exist as you picture them. Repeat them to yourself every day as if they already exist. Before long you will see that they begin to become the experience that comes to you – your new reality.

What does it mean?

Tuesday, March 7th, 2017

QUESTION: Masters, I keep listening to many spiritual lectures and I have come across these terms repeatedly like 1- “Accepting what is” 2- “surrender” 3-“love & fear vibration” 4-“situations are shadows of our own belief system” My request is for you to please explain the above terms in the analogies or examples. ~Zeen, India

ANSWER: One of the unfortunate realities of the current understanding and teaching within spiritual lectures is the lack of a consensus of opinion as to the meaning of terminology and the methods needed to achieve a state of “spirituality.” Human beings exist within a duality of equal parts negative and positive energies. These conflicting energies allow each person to make choices as to how they are going to live their lives and what they are going to create as a reality.

“Accepting what is,” also sometimes referred to as “living in the now,” is a reference to acknowledging the things you draw to yourself so that you might learn from experiencing them. If you do not admit to yourself what you are dealing with, you cannot learn from it. And if you spend all of your time thinking about what has happened in the past, or what you think you will do in the future, you are not observant about what is facing you to work through.

Most of the time the word “surrender” is used, it refers to acknowledging what is happening whether or not you want to. It is human nature to deny something you don’t want to deal with or to ignore its existence. Surrendering to the reality of your situation allows you to work with it and learn from it.

“Love and fear vibration” refers to the only two true emotions that can be felt by the human body. Love is the epitome of positive energy, and all else is negative, appearing in various forms of fear. Working though to spiritual enlightenment, you seek to obtain a state of love. Watching and dealing with the fears in your life allows you to reach that positive energy.

“Situations are shadows of our own belief system” discusses the way one works through from negative ego judgment to positive unconditional loving. When a human enters into society, they are given beliefs as a way to fit in. These ideas form a system by which they determine how they will behave in society. These beliefs also reflect lessons chosen such as being unworthy, not good enough, or unable to be happy. The soul then draws to itself what it desires to experience, so the beliefs gather situations that will allow the person to face their lessons and decide what to do with them.

What is important in any teaching you undertake is that it resonates with you. When you attend a session that seems “wrong” to you, it is simply not the right place or time for you to deal with that teacher’s opinions. You may not be advanced enough, or you may have passed by that lesson without needing to complete it.