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Responsibility or false belief?

Tuesday, February 28th, 2017

QUESTION: Masters – can you explain why people choose to have disabilities? I take care of a mentally disabled relative that no one else will step in and support. Though I am a giving, loving person, I am wondering if what I am doing is not healthy for me or this relative. Is she better off in a community where she is cared for physically in terms of shelter, food, etc. and social outlets that serve her needs. I am so burnt out being the martyr that I wonder if old beliefs of loyalty to family are harming my truest path. Help me, please, with insight. Is she better off in a protected facility? ~Lia, USA

ANSWER: All souls plan for the major lessons in their lives before entering into a body. Your relative, in agreement with other people she would have contact with including you, chose to be dependent on the assistance of others. She is trapped in an encasement that is malfunctioning. She sacrificed herself for the learning of others. Her unconscious soul is gathering all types of learning from observing how others react to her condition.

From your perspective, you are testing your belief system, which demands you take care of family members regardless of the expense to you in physical exhaustion. This is an ego-based, third-dimensional, societal requirement, instituted so that society does not have to assume the responsibility of taking care of these people. For you, the individual, it becomes a choice of honoring yourself and understanding that you are not the best person for this job.

Your relative would be better served in an environment where she can get stimulation from a group of people instead of just from you. You would benefit by getting your life back so that you may move on to other experiences. This is not selfish of you. This is being realistic about your limitations and acknowledging the expertise of others.

When you began this journey, you thought it would be temporary and that others would be there to help. You liked the thought of how you would be perceived as being a martyr without any understanding of the cost to you. As time passed, you saw this as something for which you are ill prepared; you question its efficacy but don’t know how to back out gracefully without the criticism you fear may come.

You are the only person for whom you should have concern. Let others say what they wish – they have not been in your shoes, nor have they even offered any assistance. Your relative needs to be in a place where her condition is understood and worked with constantly. Your next step is figuring out what you want to do to occupy all the time you spent with her.

Can’t see the forest for the trees

Tuesday, February 28th, 2017

QUESTION: Masters I would like to know why my sister and I have had difficulties getting along since we were little, she was always very aggressive with me. I am currently having to live with her again and in a short time she is already disgusted with me. The reason was my boyfriend, who dirty the house and did not clean. My family does not like him, he really has serious family problems because he has been sexually abused and takes medication to treat anxiety. Does it really upset my progress? ~Carla, Argentina

ANSWER: Hello, is anyone home in your head? Put yourself in your sister’s position. She is being kind and generous to take in her down-in-the-dumps sister. Said sister then drags along an uncaring boyfriend – not a husband – who is a slob and uses his history as an excuse for being inconsiderate and disruptive. What would you think? How happy would you be with these events?

You live in a dream world where you think everything is about you, and you have no concept of the needs and desires of others. You have always been bailed out of difficult situations by family and friends and think your behavior is okay. It is time to take responsibility for your actions, including the decision to inflict your boyfriend on your family. The reason you dragged him along is because he makes you feel important and depends on you. You two are co-dependent.

Your difficulty with your sister comes from your attitude. She is very realistic and sees things as they are. You have always lived in a fantasy where you are the princess and think others must heed your needs and take care of you. It is time to open your eyes and grow up.

From a spiritual perspective, nothing is right or wrong, so you may continue on as you have always done or you can become aware of the world around you and engage in living. The choice is yours. But it is time to stop blaming everyone else but yourself for the way you are treated.

Looking for 3d dimensional security

Tuesday, February 28th, 2017

QUESTION: Masters I’m a 40 years old lady, been married twice, chose not to have kids, living alone now. I am a happy person, have friends, love my work and have my own little graphic design studio (that means I have no job either!). But till now I haven’t bought a house, have no savings, no husband or anything to make me feel safe and prepared for when I’m old. I’m always in fear of the future and I’ve been trying hard to change this. Every message I get says “trust the universe that nothing bad is going to come to you” but besides that I find it very hard to rest and trust. What should I do? ~Leila, Brazil

ANSWER: You should step back and analyze why it is so important to you that you establish the third-dimensional idea of security. Security is nothing more than an illusion. You could have a house and it could be destroyed by natural calamity. You could have investments and the markets could collapse. You could have a husband and he could either predecease you or divorce you. You could have money saved and your currency could devalue – nothing is anything but wishes.

If you continue to “see” problems in your future, the universe will think that is what you want to experience and it will ensure that you do. You are an extremely strong woman and have used your Source-given powers to produce a fantastic life for yourself until now. Why did you suddenly think that there were things that you needed just because society talks about “security”?

Lighten up on your expectations. So far, the only ones that cause you concern are negative ones. Continue to live in positive energy as has been your practice until now and you will be provided for by the universe. Remember, a soul brings to itself that which it desires or needs to experience. If you believe you don’t need to experience a life of want, it will not happen. But if you keep fixating on a lack, you will find it creeping into your existence.