Looking for 3d dimensional security

QUESTION: Masters I’m a 40 years old lady, been married twice, chose not to have kids, living alone now. I am a happy person, have friends, love my work and have my own little graphic design studio (that means I have no job either!). But till now I haven’t bought a house, have no savings, no husband or anything to make me feel safe and prepared for when I’m old. I’m always in fear of the future and I’ve been trying hard to change this. Every message I get says “trust the universe that nothing bad is going to come to you” but besides that I find it very hard to rest and trust. What should I do? ~Leila, Brazil

ANSWER: You should step back and analyze why it is so important to you that you establish the third-dimensional idea of security. Security is nothing more than an illusion. You could have a house and it could be destroyed by natural calamity. You could have investments and the markets could collapse. You could have a husband and he could either predecease you or divorce you. You could have money saved and your currency could devalue – nothing is anything but wishes.

If you continue to “see” problems in your future, the universe will think that is what you want to experience and it will ensure that you do. You are an extremely strong woman and have used your Source-given powers to produce a fantastic life for yourself until now. Why did you suddenly think that there were things that you needed just because society talks about “security”?

Lighten up on your expectations. So far, the only ones that cause you concern are negative ones. Continue to live in positive energy as has been your practice until now and you will be provided for by the universe. Remember, a soul brings to itself that which it desires or needs to experience. If you believe you don’t need to experience a life of want, it will not happen. But if you keep fixating on a lack, you will find it creeping into your existence.