QUESTION: Masters why did Trump win USA elections? What do we have to learn from his presidency? How liberal people should act during this time? Is it OK to leave USA or shall we stick around and participate in Resistance? It feels like Nazi Germany all over again… ~Irina, United States

ANSWER: From a completely third-dimensional, ego judgment-based perspective, Trump won because he obtained the required number of electoral votes to best Clinton. A number of things contributed: a lethargy among all those who did not vote and now wish they had; the newness of having an election that was conducted on Twitter; a celebrity who said such outrageous things that he was given free news coverage daily – which, to the uninformed, sounded good and increased his popularity; the interference of cyber-attacks and WikiLeaks assistance; and the Democrats sitting back because they thought they had the election won.

With all the millions of people involved, this was a joint life lesson for the majority. It is a telling time for third-dimensional people in figuring out how to make things the way they wish they were. People were too complacent and wanted to be shaken up by new ideas. They were tired of the old boys’ political network and attracted to  Trump’s statement that he would “drain the swamp” (that is, get rid of the wealthy, only-out-for-themselves politicians and replace them with those who were interested in making America great again).

Problem is, the government still needs to be run and no one now seems to know how to do it. Americans are waking up from the nightmare around them and showing their opinions by their actions. What they are totally unaware of is the fact that you can’t get someone to change, or even have an influence upon them, unless they are willing to listen and react.

Everyone must decide for themselves what they wish to do at this time. A spiritual approach is to be a witness for the times. A true spiritualist steps away from judgment, evaluates what is occurring, sees if they have something to learn, and then decides to participate or not – but feels no strong compunction.

You have complete freedom of choice. Do not be swayed by the activities of others. Ask: What can I learn from what is happening? How do I feel about the options I have? Can I live through this without becoming enmeshed in the chaos? How can I sit back and observe and not get dragged into the quagmire? Say to yourself: “Let me watch and not be affected by the bedlam as I have entered into the aquarium of a new experience.”