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Tuesday, February 21st, 2017

QUESTION: Masters why did Trump win USA elections? What do we have to learn from his presidency? How liberal people should act during this time? Is it OK to leave USA or shall we stick around and participate in Resistance? It feels like Nazi Germany all over again… ~Irina, United States

ANSWER: From a completely third-dimensional, ego judgment-based perspective, Trump won because he obtained the required number of electoral votes to best Clinton. A number of things contributed: a lethargy among all those who did not vote and now wish they had; the newness of having an election that was conducted on Twitter; a celebrity who said such outrageous things that he was given free news coverage daily – which, to the uninformed, sounded good and increased his popularity; the interference of cyber-attacks and WikiLeaks assistance; and the Democrats sitting back because they thought they had the election won.

With all the millions of people involved, this was a joint life lesson for the majority. It is a telling time for third-dimensional people in figuring out how to make things the way they wish they were. People were too complacent and wanted to be shaken up by new ideas. They were tired of the old boys’ political network and attracted to  Trump’s statement that he would “drain the swamp” (that is, get rid of the wealthy, only-out-for-themselves politicians and replace them with those who were interested in making America great again).

Problem is, the government still needs to be run and no one now seems to know how to do it. Americans are waking up from the nightmare around them and showing their opinions by their actions. What they are totally unaware of is the fact that you can’t get someone to change, or even have an influence upon them, unless they are willing to listen and react.

Everyone must decide for themselves what they wish to do at this time. A spiritual approach is to be a witness for the times. A true spiritualist steps away from judgment, evaluates what is occurring, sees if they have something to learn, and then decides to participate or not – but feels no strong compunction.

You have complete freedom of choice. Do not be swayed by the activities of others. Ask: What can I learn from what is happening? How do I feel about the options I have? Can I live through this without becoming enmeshed in the chaos? How can I sit back and observe and not get dragged into the quagmire? Say to yourself: “Let me watch and not be affected by the bedlam as I have entered into the aquarium of a new experience.”

Innate abilities

Tuesday, February 21st, 2017

QUESTION: Masters, could you explain to me a little more about my sensibility? When I am concentrating on helping others, it is easy for me to see, know and to see the paths that can help others. Am I a wayshower? This voice in my head when I ask something they are my mentors? Did I accept to come with these abilities to help others here on Earth? Can I use this as a work? ~Fran, Canada

ANSWER: All souls are pieces of Source energy and have the same powers and abilities. Most either do not accept that they have these powers, don’t know they do, or think it is too much trouble to develop them within their current lifetime. Before planning each incarnation, a soul will decide just how much of their innate abilities they wish to use in the upcoming life. You have spent many different lives using the same powers and others that you recognize at this time.

Way showers are souls who demonstrate a particular pattern of behavior or beliefs so that others might see and experiment with the same abilities. That does not describe you. You are just using your powers, not trying to teach others how to use the same faculties.

What you are doing is tapping into the energies around you and others and identifying the characteristics that are present, thereby being able to help others to understand what they can do with the potential. You help to steer some to learn, and others to understand, what energy patterns they have drawn to themselves.

This is something you chose as an extension of the other lessons you have worked on in this life. You are hearing your Higher Self, that section of your soul which resides in the unconscious part of your mind. Your guides are also contributing some useful information with which to direct your interaction with others.

What you do with this ever-developing ability, which is becoming more and more apparent, is up to you. It is possible to provide assistance to others using this ability alone, or you can do some other type of counseling and incorporate these factors. They also work very well as an addition to any type of alternative healing, body work, or spiritual teaching. The possibilities are unlimited and as abundant as you wish to explore.

Caught in a make-believe reality

Tuesday, February 21st, 2017

QUESTION: Masters some years ago I met a man who I later, deeply in my heart, recognized as my very important soulmate. I went home and cried for joy even though I was married to another man and I didn’t even really know this new man. There are a lot of similarities in our lives but also something very opposite. I still feel the connection to him, but this man has told me that he’s not interested in me. When there is love and peace in my heart, I feel deeply that he’s my twin flame. I have never suffered such mental pain before than being without him. I can’t stop thinking about him and that makes me unable to forget him and move on. I don’t know what to do. Who is this man and what he is teaching me? ~In Pain, Finland

ANSWER: Ever have the experience of seeing an actor in an emotionally moving situation and becoming fascinated and physically responsive to their existence? This is the same roller coaster you find yourself on with this man. Ever have a visceral reaction to a steamy book you are reading or a movie you are watching? This is a similar reaction.

You have engraved in your mind what you desire with your whole heart because of the way this contact has stimulated your body. This is not a real response to the action of this individual but a desire to satisfy the cravings you momentarily had with this person inspiring your imagination.

This occurrence happened at a time when you wanted so much more from your marriage and were not getting satisfaction. You stepped into your “perfect” imagination and are now stuck in its throes. This man became symbolic to you of what you had to have. Of course, he is not interested in what is in your dreams alone.

A twin flame would have the same reaction to you that you have to them. Since he finds you somewhat of a stalker, you can rest assure he is not your twin. He came into your life so that you would examine exactly what your dreams are demanding in a relationship.

Step back and see what it is in him that you desire in a mate. Take this particular man out of the equation and create, with your needed requirements for happiness, just what you wish to bring into your life. Look only at characteristics, do not try to identify a person behind them – that is where your fixation takes over and prevents looking forward.