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Dictating the experiences of others

Tuesday, September 20th, 2016

QUESTION: Masters how can I make it come about that astral travelers and other so-called masters of the spirit world would have their souls reset to zero identity, to no actualization? It seems clear now that the enemies of humanity are found in these types of people. How can we destroy their soul identities? How could we trap their souls and deplete their soul energy by using it for industrial activities, for example? ~David, USA

ANSWER: Being a bit judgmental aren’t you? How do you know that each of these souls isn’t partaking in a joint venture with a number of other souls including your own? Any soul who practices can learn astral travel to utilize lessons learned in previous lives, to assist in the learning of fellow journeyers within this duality, or even to enhance their own learning. The term “master” implies a soul who has spent many lives learning all the possible aspects of a particular human characteristic in order to be of assistance to those studying that trait in their Earthly experience.

How do you come to the conclusion that these studious souls are the enemies of humanity? Souls become a part of humanity to learn from the duality that exists on Earth. They come to see, understand, and gain wisdom from lessons chosen by themselves, and the only way they can learn such a positive lesson is by observing its negative opposite. This is created by their own pre-planning, not by some other soul who has gone before.

Souls are not physical, and therefore it is impossible for them to be integrated into physical machinery. Since souls are pieces of Source, they are eternal and cannot be destroyed. To “wipe” a soul’s memory or identity, you would have to change the composition of Source energy and everything that flows, or has flown, from that origin – including yourself.

All your ideas fit nicely into science fiction theorems but not into the journey of the soul accomplished through reincarnation. How would you feel if someone decided your ideas were dangerous, and that you should have your mind wiped of everything you have ever thought or experienced so that you would no longer be able to bother people with your attempts to dictate what other souls should learn?

Electromagnetic pulses and health

Tuesday, September 20th, 2016

QUESTION: Masters, are wireless devices (cellphones, wireless routers, man-made sources of electromagnetic fields in general) causing health problems? Or is electromagnetic radiation harmful only if we believe it is? ~Hanna, Finland

ANSWER: The physical components of the human body are controlled, directed, and modulated by electrical energy. The wireless devices you mentioned, along with high-tension wires that carry massive amounts of electricity, can indeed impact some human bodies. The degree of the impact has a lot to do with the individual makeup of the body. Just as each person can tolerate varying amounts of thermal waves (heat), the same is true of these electromagnetic waves.

One factor that comes into play with the use of cellphones and Bluetooth devices is the thickness of a person’s skull. The bone will provide a degree of safety, interfering with the amount of penetration. A second factor is the strength of the wave and the duration. A third is the sensitivity the person demonstrates to the intruding energy. And the fourth is the person’s desire to experience certain disease or discomfort in their life. All of these individual factors are additionally influenced by the beliefs of the soul.

With other electric waves and radiation, the composition of the body comes into consideration. Tiny developing fetuses and babies can be drastically impacted by electromagnetic radiation that tells the tender cells to divide when they are not programmed to (causing the formation of tumors), or in a way not normal at that stage (creating birth defects).

People are very powerful when it comes to bringing experiences to themselves. If you think about something overly much, the universe is sure you are asking to have the experience – so bam! – you will then have it. The same is true if you say “I do not need to experience that” and then, if it doesn’t go against your life lesson plans, you will not be exposed.

Being aware that these waves can be harmful to a human body is beneficial in further protecting yourself. Knowing where high-tension wires run, and not allowing your children to play under them, will lower the degree of exposure. Limiting the time a Bluetooth device sits in your ear right next to your temple will potentially prevent brain tumors. You need not fear all exposure but, as with rich food, moderation is a wise decision.

Why don’t psychedelics work on me?

Tuesday, September 20th, 2016

QUESTION: Masters I see people having fantastic experiences with entheogens, I never had such experiences and I feel a certain aversion within all this, I must insist upon or is not a way for me? I long for the contact of my mentors, my stellar brothers, and to be a Lightworker. What is preventing me from accomplishing this? The meeting of a journey partner (YIN), to jointly develop self-knowledge, spirituality, sexuality and the kundalini? ~Vinicius, Brasil

ANSWER: A soul does not need any outside assistance to reach enlightenment, establish connection with their guides, or be in the presence of Source. All these things can be accomplished with patience, practice, a pure intent, and the acceptance that it is possible.

The minimum that is needed to be in God Consciousness, as most adherents call it, is for you to shut down your thinking mind and give yourself over to your unconscious, feeling nature. Those who accomplish this by the use of entheogens, also called psychedelics, allow their bodies, mental abilities, and physical processes to be chemically altered to prevent conscious thoughts and control of the body.

What happens to the physical self is the loss of inhibitions, the sense of power with the idea that you can do anything, be anything, and know everything. This accomplishes what the religious practitioners who use these substances call experiencing the God within. In fact, you strip off all the human accoutrements and acknowledge the energetic soul as your true identity.

It is possible to get to this same point in a deep meditation without the chemical distress of stomach cramping, purging from both ends, and loss of other bodily functions. What has prevented you from getting positive results from any of these experiments has been your fear. You have to give yourself over completely to the process, whether you use chemicals or meditation.

You want someone to take you by the hand and show you an easy way to get where you want to go. The problem is that what works for one person may not work for another. Meditation is the place to meet your guides. Then permit them to assist you to go even deeper to reach that state of perfect connection with the unconditional love of the god force.

Try using music to lift you above the density of the Earth. Go forward with no specific expectations of what is going to happen, and fly with the rhythm. Clear your mind of all your personal thoughts and seek the sensations of the other souls joining you on your journey. Have patience when you slip back into judging your trip. Start again and float out of your body into the energy.